Feature Zemira Israel & COLLABORATE (Email info@zemiraisrael.com to inquire)

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Feature Zemira Israel & COLLABORATE (Email info@zemiraisrael.com to inquire)
Feature Zemira Israel & COLLABORATE (Email info@zemiraisrael.com to inquire)
Feature Zemira Israel & COLLABORATE (Email info@zemiraisrael.com to inquire)
Feature Zemira Israel & COLLABORATE (Email info@zemiraisrael.com to inquire)
Feature Zemira Israel & COLLABORATE (Email info@zemiraisrael.com to inquire)

***Have a new song you believe Zemira would be a great addition to?

Follow directions below before purchasing your Zemira Israel Feature, and may the Father in Heaven bless this union.

OTHER SERVICES you may be interested in or may want to consider:


  • Email info@zemiraisrael.com for booking and quote inquiries, and PLEASE INCLUDE a 2 week notice from the event date, the DATE OF THE EVENT, the NAME & PHONE/CELL NUMBER OF THE BOOKING-AGENT & ADDRESS of the VENUE/EVENT. 


  • Downpayment be paid in full no later then a week before the song release date.
  • Miscellaneous fees that will be discussed upon booking 
  • Please add the phone number in note's section of checkout of the Booking Agent/Family Member to contact them at least 24 hours in advance of performance date with ETA.


  • See our Collaboration Inquiry/Non-Negotiables page for what is included in this base starting fee (this product link will be sent to you after negotiated fee).
  • 1st: Email info@zemiraisrael.com and PLEASE INCLUDE the song you want Zemira to be on for consideration. If Zemira is able to feature, please prepare all info of all participating members that is required in the Screening Hospitality Questions on our Collaboration Inquiry/Non-Negotiables page.
  • 2ndly: Here are some of OUR NON-NEGOTIABLES to keep in mind (Don't know what the terms in the non-negotiables page are? That's ok, if you're a serious artist, join the HIT Music Team! We'll help you the best we can to understand the music business).
  • This base price includes Zemira to be a, and to do the following for the song:
    • Documentarian for the Split Sheet distribution
    • Song registration and administration on and for:
      • Master Sound Recording (SR) Copyright
      • Publisher/Performing Rights (PA) Copyright
      • Soundexchange
      • PRO Writer
      • PRO Publisher
      • Lyrics (on Musixmatch, Genius)
      • Nielson Soudscan
      • Billboard, Rolling Stone, ARIA Music Charts
      • Metadata (to shop to TV/Film if song is applicable)
    • assign the song ISRC number
    • assign the song UPC number
    • obtain the song ISWC number
    • distribution on all major platforms
  • The duo's base price does not include travel and lodge for both Bezaleel and Zemira to be physically present at your video shoot with your Videographer/Director to participate.
  • We grant the option of my lord to shoot scenes of myself, according to the Music Video's Director's vision for the music video remotely, and sending them over to you and/or your Videographer/Director electronically via Google Drive or etc., which is an additional charge for the time, work & travel.
  • If your video is shot in the Austin or San Antonio area of Texas (all locations no more than 2hrs away from our home), we do charge an additional fee for travel/gas/food. If it is out of state there's an additional fee for the lodging.
  • If you’d like Bezaleel to film and/or edit your music video, that is an additional cost.
    • So, in conclusion, if Bezaleel & Zemira are the Music Video Director(s) (traveling to locations and/or lodge, filming and editing the video, gas, and food) that is a fee charge + the base charge price. If out of state, there is a fee for the above and the plane ticket and car rental.
    • If Bezaleel/Zemira are to be the Videographer(s) (they'll send their own video shots electronically according to the Music Video's Director's vision), that is a fee (for the travel, filming & editing) + base charge price
    • All services have an additional cost if it's out of state for the above and the plane ticket and car rental.

    • 4th: After the artist reviews & accepts Zemira's contributions to the song, Zemira will send Cleaned Wav Stems to your email AFTER payment and Split Sheet(s) are processed and received. 

    Thank you for your cooperation & business,
    Bezaleel Israel & Zemira Israel