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Shalom beloved 🕎

I am Zemira Israel; a Singer-Songwriter of the nation of Israel.
The consistent love you show via your music purchases, streams, shares & any monetary support towards my passion & music business is GREATLY appreciated.
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Not able to attend one of my shows, but want to participate somehow? Or would you like to support the music production as a whole?

No worries, Here's a way you can help. Buy as many of the "Sponsor Badge" as you'd like, and be sure to state which event and/or musical production you are sponsoring to support, and what for if you have a specific focus.

The monies will go towards, if not specified by sponsor,:

  • - Purchasing ticket(s) for another who is able to attend.
  • - Helping Zemira with miscellaneous expenses that have to do with her current, upcoming, or future event(s) or musical projects such as 
    • - Mix Engineer
    • - Mastering Engineer
    • - Music Producer
    • - Music Video expenses
    • - Upgrading Recording Production Equipment
    • - Upgrading Video Production Equipment
    • - Travel & Lodge
    • - MUA
    • - Hairstylist 
    • - Wardrobe Stylist/Seamstress
    • - Hospitality
    • - etc.

Perks for $100+ sponsorship or product sponsorship:

  • - Your name or business name & website, unless wanting to be anonymous, will appear when Sponsors are mentioned during the duration of time event/project is being promoted.
  • - Discussion can be made on how, if it is a desire, Zemira can help you or your brand.
  • - Discount on desired item(s). State desired item(s) at checkout note.

***If you would like to sponsor via product sponsorships such as wardrobe, equipment, etc. email info@zemiraisrael.com 

Perks for UNDER $100 sponsorship:

  • - Discount on desired item(s). State desired item(s) at checkout note.

Peace, Love & Blessings 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤

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Have not I commanded thee?

Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, ...

"I thank the God of Israel always for the courage He has instilled in my spirit to sing, write & speak of HIS irrefutable truth, justice & goodness." ~ Zemira Israel

Thank you my lord-husband

For your love & guidance

"You are good to me, Bezaleel Israel. And  in the morning and night, I pray to our Heavenly Father and thank HIM for you and to keep you. I pray we are numbered together, with our son Zech, in the great Kingdom on earth to come."