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GRAMMY balloted, multi award wins,
2X Billboard Charting, #1 on Apple Music

Singer-Songwriter & Vocal Producer

Gospel PBR&B
Soul & Hip Hop

Bible Based Israelite Jewess Truth Music Artist & Righteous Lifestyle Brand

Israelite Owned
Music Business

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Independent artist

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Shalom beloved! I am Zemira Israel, a faith-infused empowerment artist, dedicated to uplifting & encouraging spirits through my Gospel PBR&B music. At 36 years of age, I wear multiple hats - a devoted wife, a loving bonus mom, and a passionate Singer-Songwriter representing the nation of Israel. My mission? Encourage righteousness in accordance with the laws of the God of Israel through Christ, promoting God's laws, self-love, the sanctity of marriage, and modesty. Alongside me on this journey is my phenomenal husband & friend, and gifted music & multi-media producer, Bezaleel Israel. Our shared passions include our love for God, crafting inspiring music, and imparting knowledge about the fundamentals of the music business.

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Have not I commanded thee?

Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, ...

"I thank the God of Israel always for the courage He has instilled in my spirit to sing, write & speak of HIS irrefutable truth, justice & goodness." ~ Zemira Israel