Music Collaboration Inquiry | What's in it for you?


And thanks so much for considering me, Zemira Israel, to possibly collaborate with you for your next righteous HIT song! GLORY TO ABBA YAH & HIS SON!!!! I pray we can build a mutual trust and mutual benefit within this possible collaboration.


Here's powerful proverbs I like to keep in mind before a business venture:

  1. Psalm 112:5 A good man sheweth favour, and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion.
  2. 1 Corinthians 10:24, “Let no man seek his own but every man another man’s wealth..” 
  3. Philippians 2:3 says, "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."

  4. Remember you are a steward, not an owner (Parable of the Talents - Matthew 25) 
  5. Let your yes be yes and your no be no (Matthew 5:37).



Things to know about me and what this Husband & Wife team bring to your table for a possible future collaborative union:

  • My lord, Bezaleel Israel, is a growing established & highly decorated Multi-Media & Music Production Artist, with approximately 2 decades of experience. (I also aide him with his meticulous music and video editing processes.) 
  • I am a growing Globally Distributed Recording & Performing Singer-Songwriter & Independent Soul and Hip Hop PBR&B Artist, with approximately 2 decades of music & business experience.
  • I’ve released 2 albums, one being a double-disc album, recorded, mixed & engineered at me and my lord’s professional home-studio, and countless singles and collaborations, yielding 90k+ Spotify streams for the Gregorian 2019 calendar year.


  • My PRO is ASCAP. 
    • My IPI # is given after evaluation & consent of the Screening Hospitality Questions sent in your email.
    • We are to negotiate a fair & just royalties share for the entire writer/composer & publisher share, and we are to agree together before song(s) publication.

 We can issue you with an ISRC code or you can provide us with one when obtained for filing and registration purposes.

  • My following is approximately 10k+ across my social media platforms, including my mailing FAM list, filled with FAMs who lovingly anticipate and continuously support my newest and next project
    • If we collaborate, I will GLADLY promote your social platforms, your song, its home (your website and/or streaming platform link) and its merchandise (if any), daily to my 10k+ following across my social platforms, including my mailing list, for the first week of its release.  
    • Thus, inevitably increasing your viewership, sales, streams, following, and/or website traffic from my following hearing the record we potentially collaborate on, and/or your artistry, for the first time and traffic on your site. Thus allowing you to reach, edify, entertain, encourage, and uplift more souls for their pure edification and enjoyment.


  • Quality production will be done via me and my lord's talents, from audio/mixing/engineering to media, and/or video production if agreed upon, between me and my lord.


With our Screening Hospitality Questions, we'd love to know more about you, your agent/manager, if one is speaking on your behalf, and of course the vision of your song, and/or music video via the email that sent you to this page.


Before answering our Screening Hospitality Questions, please know that:

  • We have a negotiable Collaboration Hospitality Fee.
    • To sing on your song AND/OR participate in your music video, our base price starts at $300 per song collaboration
    • If you are a producer or provide any services we may need for our music business, bartering is possible, but the artist's PRO IPI #, their government and artist name listed in their PRO repertory directory, & email is still a must in the agreement if collaboration goes forth.
    • Our base price does not include travel and lodge for both my lord and I for me to be physically present at your video shoot with your videographer to participate. 
    • We grant the option of my lord to shoot scenes of myself, according to your vision for your music video, and sending them over to you and/or your videographer via Google Drive which is an additional charge of $100 for the time and effort. 
    • If your video is shot in the Austin or San Antonio, Texas region (all locations no more than 2hrs away from our home), we do charge an additional $50 for travel/gas.
    • If you’d like my lord Bezaleel to film and/or edit your music video, that is an additional cost we can negotiate on.
    • Complete final cost is negotiable according to above variables.


  • We require to know, prior to recording my parts to the song, the artist(s)' PRO IPI #(s)  as well as ALL ARTISTS (including instrumental producer and even artist(s) who only contributes their voice) involved in the song for writer and publisher royalty Split Sheet shares & record accuracy.
    • This information in this section waves mechanical royalty fees AND MAY possibly wave some fees mentioned in the above sections.
    • We require either all involved artist(s)’ full government name that is recorded with their PRO, AND their full Artist name that is recorded with their PRO.
    • We require all involved artist(s)’ best & functional email address.



  • Additional info is covered in the email that sent you here in the Screening Hospitality Questions.


Thank you for your professionalism, patience & cooperation. We look forward to receiving your answers to our Screening Hospitality Questions via the email that directed you to this page.


Shalom & More Blessings.