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***Have a new song you believe Zemira would be a great addition to?

Follow directions below before purchasing your Zemira Israel Feature, and may the Father in Heaven bless this union.


  • 1st: Email info@zemiraisrael.com and PLEASE INCLUDE all participating artists', songwriters, producers', and engineers' websites/socials for us to hear their music for consideration purposes via the Screening Hospitality Questions that we will send as a reply to you via email.

  • 2ndly: What's in it for you? Obviously you are here so you see some value in Zemira's talent, and she sees value in yours likewise, glory to the Heavenly Father! But you may have not known some of THESE FACTS!


  • 3rdly: We require all song participants to be associated with a P.R.O & have their P.R.O IPI Writer & Publisher Numbers prepared for possible collaboration(s) & [electronically] signed split sheet(s) for royalty shares and record accuracy. (Don't have a clue of what those terms are? That's ok, if you're a serious artist, join the HIT Music Team! We'll help you the best we can there.).

  • 4th: After the artist reviews & accepts Zemira's contributions to the song, Zemira will send Cleaned Wav Stems to your email AFTER payment is processed and received. 

Thank you for your cooperation & business,
Bezaleel Israel & Zemira Israel of House of Israel Music Group