Book Zemira Israel for a Funeral (Email to inquire)

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Book Zemira Israel for a Funeral (Email to inquire)

*** Want Zemira Israel to sing at a loved one's Funeral/Burial?

Follow directions below before compensating for Zemira Israel to sing for your Funeral/Burial., and may the Father in Heaven bless you and yours and may HE occupy peace in your hearts.

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  • Email for booking & quote inquiries and PLEASE INCLUDE  a 2 week notice from event date, the NAME OF THE DECEASED and FAMILY MEMBER WHO IS BOOKING Zemira Israel. 

    • Downpayment be paid in full no later then a week before the funeral date.
      • Please add the phone number in note's section of checkout of the Booking Agent/Family Member to contact them at least 24 hours in advance of performance date with ETA. 
    • 2 round trip non-stop plane tickets at no cost to Artist for Artist Zemira Israel and her lord-husband Bezaleel Israel for funerals out of state of Texas. Arriving at least 1 day before engagement.
      • Or gas compensation drive/rental in or out of the state of Texas weddings (no more than 4hr drive).
      • rental car if out of state
    • Booking Agent/Family Member agrees to provide Hotel Accommodations at no cost to Artist for the duration of Artist’s stay. 
      • 1 Hotel room to stay OVERNIGHT after the funeral for Zemira Israel and her lord-Bezaleel Israel
      • Hotel booked for at least 1 week before funeral date.
        • Check out the morning or afternoon after the night of funeral day.
      • Hotel confirmation number provided to Artist 1 week prior to Hotel booking date
      • Internet accessibility. 
      • Non-smoking rooms
      • At least 1 queen-sized bed
      • Nearby established hotel chain, e.g. Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn, etc. for the evening of performance
      • Be sure to guarantee the rooms for late arrival and late checkout. 
    • Performing expenses
      • Performance flat fee 
      • Daily rehearsal with a Professional Vocal Coach Doctor up to performance date.
    • Travel, Media, Plane & Lodge Addons expenses depending on if travel is over 2hrs and/or more than one night/day 
      • round trip plane ticket(s) 
      • lodge/hotel for at least 1-2 nights
      • car rental
      • gas for traveling per day
      • Filming of the performance flat rate per day 
      • video performance editing flat rate fee 
      • Photography

      Feel free to watch Zemira Israel singing at past funerals.

      Thank you for considering Zemira Israel for this great occasion!

      Peace & Blessings to you and your family,
      Bezaleel Israel & Zemira Israel of House of Israel Music Group