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Thank you for submitting your AHRC (Artist Hospitality Rider) form!

Be sure to check your email to confirm that it was really your who filled this form out and confirm your subscription.

We will get back to you via email to notify you whether we will agree to perform at your event/venue, and if we do, we will negotiate compensation for Zemira Israel and her team's service(s).

Shalom & blessings.



If you're curious.....If we agree upon reviewing your answers, we will call and/or email you to clarify all aspects of the Detailed Contract we would send you and Zemira Israel to sign. The contract would look some what like this:

Detailed Artist (Hospitality) Rider & Contract Honored between Artist (name) & Booking Agent (name)

Stage, Sound & Lights

stage sound and lights

  • Booking Agent supplies stage space, table, chairs according to details in sections: Selling at Venue & Backstage Dressing/Green Room at no cost to Artist.
  • Booking Agent supplies Sound Engineer/DJ at no cost to Artist. 
    • Sound Engineer/DJ supplies input audio for Zemira Israel at no cost to Artist.  
    • A Sound Engineer must be made available for the duration of the show.
    • Sound consists of an adequate PA system
    • Sound should be crisp and clear on stage and in the audience (muffled sound is not acceptable).  
    • PA system should have a ¼ / 8mm AUX input for laptop/turntable sound/mixer. 
    • Sound monitors should be used whenever possible 
    • Additional speaker(s) on stage in front of Artist for the performance. 
  • Booking Agent supplies stage lights at no cost to Artist. 
    • Lights consist of general stage lighting. 

Dressing/Green Room or Backstage

backstage green room

  • One well-lit dressing room for adequate sunlight & filming, with heat/AC for Artist's use, to include or have access to a restroom to mentally/physically prepare for Artist’s set. Wifi code for venue emailed/text to Artist email on compensation date. This room shall be locked/secured during the performance to secure Artist’s belongings with the contact name and

    number of venue provided to Manager/Artist. The dressing room should include table, chairs (according to confirmed # of Artist Guests), full figure mirror, 110-volt power outlet, and restroom in or nearby room at no cost to Artist.


For Night Lounge Events

  • One exclusive section for Artist's use. Section should include: space for 2-9 attendees (according to confirmed # of entourage) at no cost to the Artist. 


Travel, Transportation & Lodging

Travel, Transportation & Lodging

  • Booking Agent agrees to provide transportation (rental and/or car travel fare/airfare) at their expense if venue is not in artist’s state or more than a one hour drive from Artist. 
  • Round trip non-stop airfare arriving at least 1 day before engagement and 1-2 hotel rooms with internet to the destination of performance for 2-8 attendees (according to confirmed # of entourage) and/or

  • Gas/Road trip compensation for Artist and entourage to drive to venue no more than 4 hrs
  • Booking Agent agrees to provide Hotel Accommodations at no cost to Artist for the duration of Artist’s stay (at least for 2 nights. One night for the day the Artist arrives and the 2nd night for after the event, then next day late/extended checkout). Hotel should have Internet access. Booking Agent will provide three double occupancy, non-smoking rooms (each with two double or queen-sized beds) at a nearby established hotel chain, e.g. Sheraton, for the evening of the performance, and will provide the Artist with a confirmation number prior to transportation to the Hotel. Be sure to guarantee the rooms for late arrival and late checkout. Artist may arrive several days before the engagement (where necessary) to fulfill her obligation. 
  • Round trip transportation between 1-2 hotel rooms and location of performance and/or (according to confirmed # of entourage)
  • Round trip transportation between airport and hotel and/or Round trip local transportation (rental car) and/or Compensate Artist for local transportation arrangements in the amount of $________________




  • Booking Agent will make parking arrangements at the venue (where necessary) at no cost to Artist for 1-2 well-lit parking spaces as close to the venue as possible to load in material and people. 
    • If there is a parking cost the artist must pay upon arrival, please type compensation price for invoice calculations and reimbursement if parking fee is applicable: $_______________________________


Marketing, Merchandise, Recording & Promotions


  • This engagement is not firm and no advertisement can be done until this Rider Contract is fully filled out, agreed upon, signed & compensation obtained by Artist via an invoice. Booking Agent warrants that he/she has the right to enter into this agreement and is of legal age to do so.

  • Artist will be provided a well lit space and a table and chair to display and sell merchandise. This space must be adequate for a 4’x8’ table and have an electrical outlet accessible. Artist will sell all merchandise and retain all proceeds.

  • Artist retains the non-negotiable right to record (audio/video) their performance or have it recorded for them, free of charge or limitation. 
    • Artist may record (audio/video) of their venue and peoples in venue 
      • Booking Agent retains the non-negotiable right to hinder recordings (audio/video) of their venue and peoples in venue if you so choose to hinder.

  • Booking Agent shall send flyers and other promotional materials for cross promotion purposes via Artist’s mailing list & social media to info@zemiraisrael.com

  • Booking Agent shall not represent Artist, via the Promoter, on any promotional material through the use of derogatory descriptions or unsuitable images (such as obscene, violent or degrading depictions of women). Any questions regarding the appropriateness of a word, phrase or image should be directed to Artist via email: info@zemiraisrael.com

  • Wherever possible, event press, brochures, other promotional materials, and web sites must link to www.zemiraisrael.com and artist’s social media name must be tagged: Instagram/Twitter is @zemiramusic, Facebook Music Business Page is @ZemiraIsraelMusic, and Youtube is www.youtube.com/zemiramusicisrael 

  • Booking Agent shall forward any post performance reviews, articles, photos, or press related materials concerning Artist's performance to info@zemiraisrael.com for post cross promotion purposes.

  • Booking Agent, via the Promoter, agrees to provide Artist with copies of promotional material involved in the Event, such as fliers, posters, advertisements, photographs, video and audio recordings, within one week of the end of event.


Contract & Miscellaneous 


  • Booking Agent agrees to provide a reference/review letter within a week after the performance date at info@zemiraisrael.com so that the Artist may use it to help acquire future work

  • If the Booking Agent is not able to provide any of the above hospitality accommodations, these matters are to be communicated via email: info@zemiraisrael.com 

  • Upon FINAL confirmation & agreement to this Rider Contract, we will send this Rider with Artist’s signature to the Booking Agent in honor of the confirmed and agreed Rider. Also a complete & calculated invoice will be sent to the booking agent’s email, Artist/Artist Manager’s contact cell number, number traveling with artist, high-resolution promo photo(s) at required promo size/quantity, and promo bio at desired length for Zemira’s performance at the venue.


  • Booking Agent maintains the right to cancel the engagement and request a refund upon, first, via voice phone call and then a cancellation email to Artist’s email: info@zemiraisrael.com, no less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of event due to inclement weather or personal reasons.

  • Artist maintains the right to cancel the engagement and by doing so, return any deposit(s) sent by Booking Agent no less than thirty (30) days notice, first via voice phone call and then a cancellation email to the Booking Agent’s email: angelam08@gmail.com, for reasons due to inclement weather or personal reasons, or to render services in preparation, performance, or other activity relating to a television appearance, motion picture, or stage production agreement.

  • It is hereby agreed and understood that should Artist fail to appear for reasons such as any act of God; ie. death, civil war, natural disaster over which Artist has no control, this Agreement still stands and monetary deposits are irreversible, UNLESS Manager Bezaleel Israel is still alive to retrieve the pass codes used to send deposit(s) to Booking Agent and is then able to reverse monetary deposits back to Booking Agent.


End of Rider with signatures...


***Thank you for fully reading and filling out this Rider for Zemira Israel. We hope this Rider explains her needs & expectations in full detail. We truly appreciate & admire your cooperation and patience. Thank you so much for considering our services for your special event! Peace & blessings to you.” – Bezaleel Israel & Zemira Israel