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Checkout for $1 or checkout and add a tip of whatever amount you'd like! Much appreciated!

Not able to attend one of my shows, but want to participate somehow? Or would you like to support the music production as a whole?

No worries, Here's a way you can help. Donate as many additions of $1 to your cart as you'd like, and feel free to be sure to state which event and/or musical production you are donating to support, and what for if you have a specific focus.

OTHER SERVICES you may be interested in or may want to consider:

The monies will go towards, if not specified by sponsor:

  • - Purchasing ticket(s) for another who is able to attend.
  • - Helping Bezaleel and Zemira with miscellaneous expenses that have to do with her current, upcoming, or future event(s) or musical projects such as 
    • - Mix Engineer
    • - Mastering Engineer
    • - Music Producer
    • - Music Video expenses
    • - Upgrading Recording Production Equipment
    • - Upgrading Video Production Equipment
    • - Travel & Lodge
    • - MUA
    • - Hairstylist 
    • - Wardrobe Stylist/Seamstress
    • - Hospitality
    • - etc.

Perks for $100+ sponsorship or product sponsorship:

  • - Your name or business name & website, unless wanting to be anonymous, will appear when Sponsors are mentioned during the duration of time event/project is being promoted.
  • - Discussion can be made on how, if it is a desire, Bezaleel and Zemira can help you or your brand.
  • - Discount on desired item(s). State desired item(s) at checkout note.

***If you would like to sponsor via product sponsorships such as wardrobe, equipment, etc. email 

Perks for UNDER $100 sponsorship:

  • - Discount on desired item(s). State desired item(s) at checkout note.

Peace, Love & Blessings 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤

Thanks for sharing & commenting! 

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