Zemira Israel awards


WOW! The Most High is good! Thank you Most High in His son to come back for all the amazing accomplishments and to my adoring husband; my lord Bezaleel Israel thank you for being my #1 fan and believing in me from the start!! To all the amazing Ztribe members who celebrated & worked hard alongside me to see the wins!  

All praises to the Highest forever and ever!

Here's the list of achievements starting from the latest to eldest:

  1. 2023 4x Nominee for the song "Chariot" of the Rhythm of Gospel Award
    1) #15 Urban Contemporary Song of the Year
    2) #33 Best Performance by Female Artist
    3) #40 Urban Contemporary Artist of the Year
    4) #44 Alternative Christian Gospel Artist of the Year
  2. 2022 Fall - Home Recording Award -  Nominee
  3. 2022 Fall - The Indie Songwriting Award - Best Pop Song Nominee and Best Overrall Song Nominee
  4. 2022 Fall - Rampage Music Awards - Best Christian/Gospel Song Nominee and Best POP Song Nominee
  5. GRAMMY® Awards (Recording Academy) - 2 Category entries For Your GRAMMY® Consideration - for the song "Sistar" by Zemira Israel featuring La La Musiq. "Sistar" for Record of the Year for your consideration. "Sistar" for Song of the Year for your consideration.

    Zemira Israel for your 65th GRAMMY® consideration
  6. 2023 NOMINEE for potential candidate as State Musician of the Texas State Artist Award. This designation is the highest designation that the Texas Legislature gives in the arts.
    Zemira Israel is a nominee for the Texas State Artist

  7. 2022 October - Akademia Music Awards - Best R&B/Soul WINNER - for "Woolly Hair Anthen". Zemira Israel is officially invited to participate in the 2023 Akademia Gala Event!
    Zemira Israel wins the 2022 Akademia Award and invited to the Gala
  8. 2022 The International Songwriting Awards (ISAs) - 5 Star Commended Entry Mention for "Chariot". UKSC Commended Entry Certificate, six weeks of song pitching and songwriting courses.
    International Songwriting Awards Zemira Israel Commeded 5 Star Entry for Chariot
  9. 2021 "Hanukkah" charted at #11 on the Billboard Music Charts.

  10. 2021 "Chariot" charted at #4 on the Billboard Music Charts with 500+ sales.
  11. 2021 "Passover" charted at #1 for 2 days straight on Apple Music Christian & Gospel: Netherlands Charts. Many other songs charted as well on the overral Netherlands Apple Music Charts, Doninica Apple Music Charts and more.
  12. 2020 Spring - World Songwriting Awards - Best Gospel Song FINALIST - for "Rule Over Me"

This list does not include the trophies, certificates and awards received during my adolescent years for playing piano, singing with choirs, and music competitions with my high school singing group.

Thank you to all award organizations and music chart establishments above for this awesome opportunity, honor and recognition. Thank you to my beloved husband Bezaleel for your love and hardwork, the Ztribe for your undying support, streams, listens, shares, and/or nominations & votes!


Peace, Love & Blessings,
Zemira 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤

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