Zemira Israel on ROKU TV


I'm on ROKU TV now! Thanks to sister Latasha's "Hebrew Music Video" app! Thank you sister.

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Support sister @ahayahsartist ‘s endeavors family. It’s a free app on ROKU TV ✨

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Song 🎵 Thank You Israelite Man by Zemira Israel (and more)

Why when I watch the “Hebrew Music Video” app on my ROKU TV do I feel like back in the day when I used to come home from school and after doing my homework I would rewind the 106 & Park on BET’s music video countdown that I would record so I can learn the dance and rehearse it with my neighborhood friends!!! 😂😂😂

Sis @ahayahsartist you and your team are giving me those vibes... #VH1 & #MTV countdown vibes

Thank you for you diligence and creating a safe and fun space in the ROKU land for us Hebrew believers of the Most High, Christ & the holy commandments 🙌🏾✨

Keep goin and I’m proud of you and your team!

Thank you for allowing my content on your platform. It is an honor for my lord @bezaleelbenisrael and I to see the musical works we do are appreciated and used for good 🥰✨🙌🏾 Peace and blessings to you and yours beloved sis.


Zemira Israel 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤


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