India Arie | #DeleteSpotify and Why We Love Her

Shalom #Ztribe 💎!

India Arie | #DeleteSpotify and Why We Love Her

As some of you may know, The beautiful and incomparable India Arie is one of my favorite artists of all time because I admire her transparency and gift of healing through her gift of song and voice. Every time she releases music, I am here for it!

This week, Monday January 31, 2022 6:26pm, India Arie made a post on her Facebook addressing the owner of Spotify's (Daniel Ek) Podcaster Joe Rogan's reputable use of the word "nigger" and the way Daniel Ek's Spotify company, Spotify, is one of the DSPs who pay creators the least on their platform. AND I AM HERE FOR INDIA ARIE AND HOW SHE HANDLED HERSELF LIKE A LADY THROUGH IT ALL!!! Spotify can't afford to lose the artists on their platform. Spotify would lose SO much money if a lot of the artists on their platform actually left their platform. I'm excited to see what comes of India Arie's conversation piece help change and what Spotify is going to do about their top selling bigoted and racist Podcaster, Joe Rogan, speaking about the race of people (Israelites; ie Blacks, Hispanics, Native Indians) who FUND the Spotify platform.

Thank you India Arie for keepin it real and not being an opportunist and speaking up for the defense of your fellow creators. 

Zemira Israel's blog on India Arie Delete Spotify Daniel Ek Joe Rogan

I even screen recorded her story she made two days later where she clarified her first post about the action to delete Spotify and how Spotify sent her a message.... I posted her message on my my Instagram, my Facebook and my Youtube! Feel free to like and follow/subscribe my pages. 


Zemira Israel stands with India Arie #DeleteSpotify

I'm so happy India spoke up and spoke up for us. DSP change is long over due. AND WHITE PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE NERVE TO UTTER THE DERROGATORY WORD "NIGGER". I and the #Ztribe 💎 already know "A CHANGE GON COME...🔥 🕎" 

Here's what I said on my post:

"This is exactly why we love @indiaarie. Thank you for looking out for us too and for opening new doors even for independent artists and producers like me and my lord-husband @bezaleelbenisrael 🚪🌹🎵🙌🏾 We will be keeping up to see the monumental outcome from your leadership in the music industry ✊🏾 (and your glorious wool is BEAUTIFUL 😍)
#IndiaArie #DeleteSpotify

Now I support India Arie's decision to speak out. But I would say my sole concern is for musc creators to recieve all that their owed fairly. I believe that Israelites (ie. Blacks, Hispanics, Native Indians, children of the slave trade, children of t he diaspora) will ALWAYS face racial tensions in this world all the way up until Israel's Messiah and redeemer comes back. So Joe Rogan's words don't sting me as bad because I know who I am. I am an Israelite, a descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. My concern is with my gift the Most High God has given me. Music. And how it can make room for me and have a legacy. 

As you know, we, have been ADVOCATING for fellow independent Artists to start transitioning to the DSPs (Digital Service Platforms) who service the music creators the most (maybe not best, but most and the highest out of all the other DSPs...we've got lots of work to do still!).

Zemira Israel advocates for DSP higher royalty

These are the top 5 well known music streaming platforms that care the most about the creators of the music on their platform from greatest to least (Napster/Rhapsody, Tidal, iHeart Radio, Apple Music & Deezer).

Consider subscribing to at least one of these platforms above starting from the greatest (Napster) to least (Deezer), as they compensate music creators the most.
Napster pays $1 per 53 streams
Tidal pays $1 per 80 streams.
Apple Music pays $1 per 136 streams.
Deezer pays $1 per 156 streams

Here are the platforms who don’t care about the music creators evidently by how much they compensate:
1. Spotify ($1 per 229 streams)
2. Amazon Music ($1 per 249 streams)
3. YouTube ($1 per 570 streams)
4. Pandora (pays even less then the 1, 2 & 3)

Let’s make a difference for all the music & music creators we love to support 😉🙌🏾✨🕎💯✅🎵


This is WHY, me and my lord Bezaleel are BIG on selling the mp3s to our music here on my website first and foremost before releasing it to the world of DSPs to receive fractions of a penny.

Since the day I was an adolescent, 10 years old, on my bed, listening to some of my favorite artist's cds, I knew I wanted to be a songwriter; I still do. This has been my first career choice since young, and I will always be an advocate for myself and fellow independent artists to be heard and respected, especially by platforms who reap the benefits of our hard work and creation, just to give us crumbs off "the master's table".

Here's a service and Faceboojk group I created to help Independent artists on there journey to revieving everything they are owed: HIT Music


Thank you for reading. Until the next blog, I propose this question to my #Ztribe:

What do you think of me and my lord-husband pulling our music off of Spotify, and as a leap of faith, sell our music, merch and services via solely our website (, or just start by deleting our music from Spotify...what do you think? email me your response at or DM me on my Instagram, FB or comment below my Youtube video of India Arie speaking.

The only reason why I have my music on these DSPs it for promotional value. I seek monetary gain SOLELY through my site. This is why we sell the music, merch and services through our site: DSPs like Spotify and Apple are just tools for marketing and promotion. I love the fact that Israelites have repented via a song on a DSP like Youtube Music that me and my lord Bezaleel have written. So that is the reason why all of our music that I write and my lord produces is on your favorite DSP.

Shalom beloveds, thank you for reading. I look forward to having this serious and pioneering conversation with you.

Peace, Love & Blessings,
Zemira 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤

Thanks for sharing & commenting on this blog! 

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