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Zemira Israel is a globally distributed multi award winning, GRAMMY-balloted, performing and recording singer-songwriter. She has been songwriting and recording for approximately 3 decades since 1996, since the tender age of 8 years old, on her tiny 1st keyboard her father gifted her, and his double decker tape player. 

Zemira Israel was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti. Her Hebrew name means "Song Princess of the Power". Upon living out her Israelite culture she shares the God of Israel’s message through her music alongside her husband, producer, mix-master engineer, Bezaleel Israel

Zemira Israel is a bible based PBR&B Soul Singer-Songwriter, Performing Artist, and a Vocal Producer-Engineer. Her music is rooted in Gospel and R&B. Her versatility and transparency in every release surprises her supporters, who are nicknamed the “ZTRIBE”. Mixtures of Hip-Hop & Contemporary R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classic & Neo Soul, with a touch of Dubstep, Jazz, and more are found in her music. Everything she releases is a "refreshing surprise", as quoted by the Mezzo Agency. 

The Ztribe compares Zemira Israel’s artistry and vocals to the great Phyllis Hyman, Mary J Blige, India Arie, & Lauryn Hill. Her legendary vocal coach, Craig Derry, compared her voice to the renowned Gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson.

Zemira Israel is a GRAMMY®︎ balloted & nomination consideredMulti-Award Winning, 2x Billboard Music Charting, Apple Music iTunes charting, and Globally DistributedIsraelite Jewess. 

The Recording Artist, Singer-songwriter, Vocal Producer/Engineer, and Performer is surrounded by adoring FAMs; the Ztribe, who appreciate the happiness, joy, edification, motivation, soothing nature & inspiration her music brings to glorify the Heavenly FATHER and His son the glorious Messiah to come back, and they're people.

Zemira Israel's music encourages repentance unto the Most High God of Israel.

Zemira Israel was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti, where her parents, Woody & Florence, were born and raised. She was raised in the state of Maryland and the tri-state area of the USA, and is the eldest of her brothers (Reginald & Bradley) and sisters (Rebecca & Grace).

Since the tender age of 8 years old she has been songwriting with paper, pen, and piano. Influenced by her father’s love for music, she too agreed with herself at 8 years old that she would pursue a songwriting career. Approximately 2 decades later, thanks to the Most High God of Israel, she has accomplished much from that special agreement.

Zemira's dad was a DJ in Haiti. He is a performing singer as well to this day. Hearing his baritone voice in song, watching him perform at different venues and events, seeing him cut records for radio shows and create radio drops, and Zemira listening to his massive music record collection of other artists, young and old, influenced her musical appetite.

Her dad bought her first keyboard, and after he heard her play “Mary Had a Little Lamb'' by ear on it, he financed her piano lessons as a child. They moved into their second apartment, downgrading from the home they once loved, and to her blessing, there was an old piano that was left in it, right there in the living room by its lonesome. It was like she was a kid in a candy store. It needed some tuning up, so her dad called for a piano repair man. It was then brand new. She wrote many songs on that piano, one of them named "Don't Make Me Chooselanded on her debut album “Legendary People” years later in 2014.

Years before Zemira Israel's debut album, an old childhood friend took pleasurable notice of her singing voice in their high school hallway one day and that's when she grew confidence in her singing voice.

Zemira joined a gospel traveling choir named “The Easternaires” a branch stemming from her old a capella church congregation she used to attend. This choir is where she honed into her vocal arrangement & harmony stack filled songwriting skills and sound. She sang solos with them traveling to different states through her middle school and freshman year of high school.

After that, she was in a singing trio group named “Bliss”. They met at their high school: East Orange Campus High School. They sang, recorded songs they wrote together at different recording studios including their high school’s, they sang in the hallways of their high school that made the students stop in their tracks because of the beautiful melodic harmonies coming out of their mouths. They performed their original music, the Black national anthem, the American national anthem, and covers at school recitals and at different venues and events that their music teachers would graciously book them. They even sang for journalist and writer Susan B Taylor, the Editor in Chief of Essence Magazine, and for 106 & Park hosts’ A.J. and Free’s lecture at their East Orange Campus High School. They had a great time during their high school years. They even sang their high school’s alma mater every morning, live, in 3 part harmony for a time through the intercom. They graduated high school together in 2006. Those vital early middle and high school years helped mold Zemira Israel and exercise her sound, music recording, songwriting, and performing skills!

The love of her life, her now lord-husband, Bezaleel Israel, embraced wholeheartedly the gift that the Most High God instilled in Zemira Israel. He too bought her a brand new keyboard, built an amazing recording studio, executive produced her debut and sophomore double-disc globally distributed albums and singles, produced and composed many of the songs, mix and mastered many of the songs, directed and edited all of her music videos, drew all of her album and single covers, took all of her professional photos, and has been her rock ever since they met in the winter of 2011.
He’s always asking her about her new song…his encouragement means the world to her.
She couldn’t have come this far in her music journey without him. She is blessed and honored to have and to keep him as her lawfully wedded husband. She has grown from being a young lady to now a grown woman with him, and she treasures this journey called life she takes with him, ordained from the beginning by the Highest Creator.

Currently she resides in Texas with her loving and amazingly talented husband, Bezaleel Israel, who hopes their son, Zechariah, follows in their footsteps to achieve even greater success.

Bezaleel and Zemira created their label Bezzemi Records as they are a husband and wife duo that produces music that children and the elderly can listen to and enjoy with confidence in the Most High in Christ.


Both Zemira Israel and her 2x Billboard Charting Producer husband, Bezaleel Israel, adore the opportunities for collaboration, community & music business. They are members and registrants of:

  1. Members & Owners of H.I.T. Music (music business community, resource service, and advocacy)
  2. ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
  3. Publishing Administration company called Songtrust 
  4. The United States Copyright Office
  5. SoundExchange
  6. Master & Publishing Collection company: Mezzo Agency.
  7. Music distribution companies: CDbaby and Tunecore
  8. City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture 
  9. The Indie Collaborative (profile)
  10. ISSA (International Singer Songwriter Association) 


Zemira Israel Sophomore Double-Disc Album True Love Changes

Her versatility and transparency in her music draws those who relate to the Israelite culture of the holy bible and life trials that come unique with being an Israelite (Blacks, Hispanics, Native Indians, children of the Slave Trade, & the Diaspora).

She has worked with legendary vocal coach Craig Derry who has worked with Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, etc. And vocal coach Dr. Callie Day, as seen on America's Got Talent.

Zemira has worked with instrumentalists such as Gene Lake, who was the Grammy winner Maxwell's drummer.

Her sophomore album True Love Changes executive produced by Grammy nominated flutist & songwriter David Pic Conley, from the old school R&B trio group: Surface.

Her single and collaboration "Sistar", featuring Multi-Award winner: La La Musiq, was mixed by her 2x Billboard Charting husband Bezaleel Israel, and mastered by Grammy Winner Nagaris Johnson. Nagaris Johnson has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Ye (formerly Kanye West) & Quavo.

Zemira Israel has had the pleasure of singing, collaborating, and performing at weddings, a memorable funeral service, natural hair expo shows, outside venue events, open mics, private home performances, church services, and more, with her husband Bezaleel as her videographer and spiritual hedge of protection safely by her side at every engagement.

Book them for your special occasion. Or email info@zemiraisrael.com 

She prays she, and her team, can help edify, encourage, uplift, motivate and inspire her people to live righteously every day unto the Highest above, that unfailingly keeps the beat to our heart resounding until He says it is time.




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