Music Collaboration Inquiry | Non-Negotiables


And thanks so much for considering Zemira Israel and her Husband, Producer, Mix & Vocal Engineer: Bezaleel Israel, to possibly collaborate with you for your next righteous HIT song! GLORY TO ABBA YAH & HIS SON!!!! We pray we can build a mutual trust and mutual benefit within this possible collaboration.

Here's powerful proverbs we like to keep close to heart before a business venture:

  1. Psalm 112:5 A good man sheweth favour, and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion.
  2. 1 Corinthians 10:24, “Let no man seek his own but every man another man’s wealth..” 
  3. Philippians 2:3 says, "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."

  4. Remember you are a steward, not an owner (Parable of the Talents - Matthew 25) 

  5. Let your yes be yes and your no be no (Matthew 5:37).

  6. "A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." ~ King Solomon; Proverbs 18:16

  7. "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings he shall not stand before  mean men." ~ King Solomon; Proverbs 22:29 

  8. “Deliver all things in number and weight; and put all in writing that thou givest out, or receivest in”. ~ Sirach; Ecclesiasticus 42:7

  9. “Let all things be done decently and in order.” ~ Beloved Apostle Paul; 1 Corinthians 14:40

  10.  “Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.”                     ~Beloved Apostle Paul; Romans 12:13


Things to know about what this Husband & Wife music team bring to your table for a possible future collaborative union:

  • Bezaleel Israel, is an established & highly decorated professional Multi-Media & Music Production Artist, with approximately 2 decades of experience. (his wife, Zemira, aids in arrangement and organization for his meticulous music and video editing processes.) 
  • Bezaleel & Zemira Israel are Apple Music charting artists and 2x Billboard Music Charting Israelite Artists
  • Zemira Israel is an Independent Music Advocate, and a growing Globally Distributed Recording & Performing Singer-Songwriter & Independent Soul and Hip Hop PBR&B Artist, with approximately 2 decades of music & business experience.
  • Zemira Israel released 2 albums, one being a double-disc album, recorded, mixed & engineered at Bezaleel & Zemira’s professional home-studio, and countless singles and collaborations, yielding hundred-thousands of DSP streams yearly.


  • Their PRO is ASCAP and here's some of their music non-nogotiables. 
    • Their IPI/CAE # is given after evaluation & consent of the Screening Hospitality Questions that they would send via email.
    • All members of the creation of the song are to complete and sign a Master & Publisher Split sheet.
    • All work-for-hire members of the song are to sign a consent sheet that they have no rights to the master and publishing of the song.
    • All creators are to negotiate a fair & just royalty share for the entire writer/composer & publishing of the song, and are to agree together before song(s) publication/distribution.
  • Zemira Israel's hard earned organic following is approximately 15k+ across her social media platforms, including her mailing Ztribe FAM list, filled with FAMs who lovingly anticipate and continuously support her newest and next project
    • If you do collaborate with the duo, they will GLADLY promote your social platforms, the song, its home (their or your website and/or streaming platform link[s]) and its merchandise (if any), to the 15k+ following across Zemira's social platforms for between the duration of the pre and post release dates., including her mailing list, merited that all creators will do the same.
      • Thus, inevitably increasing your viewership, sales, streams, following, and/or website traffic from the duo's following, hearing the record you all potentially collaborate on, and/or your artistry, for the first time and 1st time visitor traffic on your site. Thus allowing you to reach, edify, entertain, encourage, and uplift more souls for their pure edification and enjoyment.
  • Quality production will be done via duo's talents of music audio/mixing/engineering, media, and/or video production if agreed upon, and/or outsourcing song mastering companies..


With our Screening Hospitality Questions, we'd love to know more about you, your agent/manager, if one is speaking on your behalf, and of course the vision of your song, and/or music video via


Before answering our Screening Hospitality Questions via email, please understand some additional non-negotiables:

    • Bezaleel & Zemira have a Collaboration Hospitality Fee.
      • For the duo to be on your song AND/OR participate in your music video, our base-charge price will be discussed during the booking call or via email. This price includes Zemira to be a and to do the following for the song:
        • Documentarian for the Split Sheet distribution
        • Song registration and administration on and for:
          • Master Sound Recording (SR) Copyright
          • Publisher/Performing Rights (PA) Copyright
          • Soundexchange
          • PRO Writer
          • PRO Publisher
          • Lyrics (on Musixmatch, Genius)
          • Nielson Soudscan
          • Billboard, Rolling Stone, ARIA Music Charts, The Official Charts
          • Metadata for song's wav & high resolution mp3 files (to help song be found easily and to shop to TV/Film if song is applicable)
        • assign the song ISRC number (if applicable)
        • assign the song UPC number (if applicable)
        • obtain the song ISWC number (if applicable)
        • distribution on all major platforms (if applicable)
        • Zemira/Bezaleel's time and work
    • Zemira and/or Bezaleel is on the hook and bridge (and/or more parts to the song)....unless agreed otherwise.
    • The duo's base price does not include travel and lodge for both my lord and I for Bezaleel/Zemira to be physically present at your video shoot with your Videographer/Director to participate. That is a separate fee.
    • We grant the option of my lord to shoot scenes of myself, according to the Music Video's Director's vision for the music video remotely, and sending them over to you and/or your Videographer/Director electronically via Google Drive or etc., which is an additional charge for the time, work & travel
    • If your video is shot in the Austin or San Antonio area of Texas (all locations no more than 2hr drive away from our home), we do charge an additional fee for travel/gas/food and/or lodge/hotel. Another fee if it is out of state for the additional lodging.
    • If you’d like Bezaleel to film and/or edit your music video, that is an additional cost.
    • Complete final cost is negotiable according to above variables.
      • So, in conclusion, if Bezaleel & Zemira are the Music Video Director(s) (traveling to locations and/or lodge, filming and editing the video, gas, and food) that is a charge + outside of the base charge price. If out of state, it is an additional charge for the above and the plane ticket and car rental.
      • If Bezaleel/Zemira are to be the Videographer(s) (they'll send their own video shots electronically according to the Music Video's Director's vision), that is a charge (for the travel, filming & editing) + base charge price. It is an additional fee if it's an out of state location.


  • OUR NON NEGOTIABLES: We require to know, prior to recording, ALL INVOLVED ARTIST(S) (including instrumental producer, songwriters, vocal engineers, producers, executive producers, legal entities [LLCs, INCs...etc], and even artist(s) who only contributes their voice) involved in the song for writer and publisher royalty Split Sheet shares & record accuracy):
    • Song MUST NOT be distributed via Distrokid.
    • The Mechanical Royalties must be divided up to all applicable artists/owners [Funds from Tunecore/Cdbaby..etc, and funds from artist(s) website(s)].
    • State the dates of which the song is to be sold on artist(s) website(s). The song must not be sold more than 1 month post release date. Funds must be allocated appropriately to song designees.
    • State how long will the pre and post release promo be.
    • Who will be actively promoting the song on their social media accounts, email list, and/or Paid Advertising?
    • State whether or not the song is looking to chart on Billboard, Rollingstone, ARIA, and/or The Official Charts. If yes, song must be fully recorded, mixed & mastered, and administratively completed according to all info in this page, at least 1 month prior to release date.
    • Date you are looking to finalize the recording of the song.
    • Date you are looking to release the song.
    • Please state whether you need the Videographer service
    • Please state whether you need the Music Video Director/Videographer service.
    • All involved artists/work-for-hire personnel agree to sign a Master & Publisher Split Sheet or Work for hire according to their participation.
    • Instrumental, melodies and lyrics music ALL be ORIGINAL; ABSOLUTELY NO SAMPLES in the song (ie. from Splice...etc. Samples make the song's placement chances for TV, Ads and Films very hard. To be sure of no samples, ask the producer to check his instrumental midi files if there are any samples in the track).
    • All work for hire members must sign the Work for Hire Document agreeing that they were a work for hire for this song, and not a writer or publisher. (For example a Vocal Engineer, someone who records an artist's vocals, is a work for hirer....a musician who plays an instrument as instructed from an already written melody/idea is a work for hire.)
    • Full Government Legal Name
    • Writer PRO Name 
    • Writer PRO IPI/CAE #  
    • Publisher PRO Name 
    • Publisher PRO IPI/CAE # 
    • Full Artist Name (as seen on DSPs - Digital Service Providers - like Apple Music, Tidal & Spotify)
    • Artist(s) website
    • Best & functional Email Address.
    • Date of Birth
    • US Citizenship Yes or No (If not, state which country of citizenship)
    • Home Address
    • Cell Phone number
    • Record Label Name (if no label, write your legal name)
    • Studio Name (if no studio name write legal name of the owner of where the studio is)
    • Studio Address 
    • Studio Phone Number
    • Studio Owner Name(s) (if no owner, write legal name(s) of owners of where the studio is)
    • Studio Website (if no website, write their social media handle of the person who owns the place where studio is)
    • If Zemira and Bezaleel are not distributing the song for the collaboration, state which Distribution Platform the song will be sent to so it can be received by all the DSPs (Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify etc...).
    • If Zemira will not be the documentarian for the Split Sheet administrations, write the name of who will be. And Zemira requires the ISRC, UPC, ISWC, PA Copyright Work ID # and file number, SR Copyright Work ID and file numbers from them, and the names on the Copyright, with screenshots.
    • If Zemira is not the documentarian, write who will be registering and administrating the song on different platforms.
    • We require for Zemira and Bezaleel's MUSIC social platforms (FB Music Page = @Zemira Israel Music and @Bezaleel Israel, Instagram/Twitter = @zemiramusic and @bezaleelbenisrael, and/or and ) to be tagged concerning the collaborated song, and NOT their personal FB pages, every time it is being promoted on social media and/or email list blasts (and/or paid advertising if necessary). Only tag the above official social media tags. But if you choose to tag Zemira & Bezaleel Israel's personal FB pages, they require that their FB Music Page and other business social pages (@Zemira Israel Music / @Bezaleel Israel) be tagged also.


Thank you for your professionalism, stewardship, patience & cooperation. We look forward to receiving your answers to our Screening Hospitality Questions & Non-Negotiables. Email to inquire about it.

Shalom & More Blessings.