Zemira's Questionnaire Submission...

First Name: Marylyn (my legal name, but I prefer my Hebrew artist name, Zemira)
Male or Female: Female
Ethnicity: Haitian of Israelite descent
Do you wear your natural hair proudly? YES YES YES!
Email Address: info@zemiraisrael.com
Age: 31
Generation: Millennial
Married or Single: Married [to Bezaleel Israel 😊]
How many children do you have?: Yes, just not from my own womb
How many boy children?: 1
How many girl children?: 0
Any Pets?: No
Yearly Income: 20k give or take (by the way...this question is for me to share some
of my finance specialist friends information via my subscriber list to help you all build a better financial future...just incase you were wondering)
Do you rent or own a home?: Rent (my lord and I are working on owning)
What kind of car do you drive?: Toyota Prius
Country: US
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Zip Code: 78244
Cell Phone: (You'll have it when i text you via the number you send me in the questionnaire when I'm if I'm your city..wink wink.
Highest Level of Education Completed: 3rd year of college
Occupation: Singer Songwriter
Business/Artist Name: Zemira Israel
Website: http://www.zemiraisrael.com
Do you workout: Yes, but due to my recent health conditions (I have PCOS), I'm going to do more of dieting and juicing instead...that seems to work well for me too. Although I love lifting weights because it burns fat fast!!! ☹️ ...who knows maybe down the line i can do it again.
Facebook URL: http://www.facebook.com/zemiraisraelmusic
Youtube URL: http://www.youtube.com/zemiramusicisrael
Instagram URL: http://www.instagram.com/zemiramusic
Twitter URL: http://www.twitter.com/zemiramusic
Your Top 3 Favorite Foods: Haitian, Jamaican, Dominican foods.
Your Top 3 Favorite Non Alcoholic Beverages: Mango juices, lemonade, orange juice
Your Top 3 Favorite Alcoholic Beverages: Rhumchata, Crown Royal Green Apple, and anything sweet and yummy really.
Your Top 3 Favorite Hobbies: Dancing, Haircare styling
Your Top 3 Favorite: Books: The Holy Bible, The Apocrypha, Women in the Bible, The Pelican Brief
Your Top 3 Favorite Movies: Poetic Justice, Nat Turner, Hidden Figures series
Your Top 3 Favorite TV Shows: Martin, Monk, Law & Order Criminal Justice
Your Top 3 Favorite Cartoons: Pepe Le Pu, Rugrats Ben & Jerry
Your Top 3 Favorite Video Games: Pac Man, Tetris, Crash Bandacoot
Your Top 3 Favorite Blog Site: my own lol at zemiraisrael.com
Your Top 3 Favorite Website: google, youtube, facebook
Your Top 3 Favorite Magazine: The Light Magazine, Essence, Ebony, ? I don't really read magazines though
Your Top 3 Favorite Artists/Bands not including me lol): Stevie Wonder for his songwriting, Anita Baker for her gorgeous voice and songwriting. And my third person would have to be Musiq Soulchild! I wish I knew who writes his songs as well!
Your Top 3 Favorite Artists/Band who reminds you of my artistic style: If I do say so myself, but Im sure you'll have different opinions in your questionnaire submissions, but Id say, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild and of course my above favs.
Your Top 3 Favorite Truth Artist: Check out my Favorites playlist on Spotify!
Your Top 3 Favorite Online Stores: Amazon & Etsy
Your Top 3 Favorite Physical Stores: Walmart, HEB, Target, Ross, Big Lots, Thrift Stores & Dollar Stores
Your Top 3 Struggles/Challenges in your life: Being the best wife I possibly can. Being the best mom I possibly can. Entrepreneurship. They're all challenging but enjoyable because I love doing it.
What mood(s) does my music give you?: education, hope, encouragement, inspiration
What problem/issue(s) of yours does my music solve of yours?: When I need to be reminded of certain commandments given by the Father, some of my music will remind me and I will apply it to my life.
Love ya'll! Hopefully you've learned something new about myself, as I've been learning about you via your submissions! Thank you for participating. Look out for the exclusive footage coming to your inbox soon! 💫