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All 56 songs written, vocal produced, vocal engineered, and administered by Zemira Israel except 5. Many were produced, engineered and mastered by her husband Bezaleel Israel. 
2 albums and 1 album was a double-disc
4 feature songs (3 of which as a feature vocalist, not a songwriter)
3 of the 56 songs were partly written for 3 other artists to sing.
2 songs were composed on the piano by Zemira Israel
2 Billboard Music charted songs
Multiple songs landed on the Apple Music Charts & their international charts
1 song as a background vocalist
1 song in the Haitian-Creole language
1 song has a Spanish rap written by her husband Bezaleel Israel
1 cover song
1 song made as a theme song for the Cover'd Girlz Magazine

49 awards nominations, honorable mentions, finalists, and GRAMMY Ballot entry
23 pending award nominations for 2023 winners’ reveals
7 awards won as of 2022 (plus 4 awards prior to her professional career for choirs, piano recital, and music competition with Zemira's old singing trio)


Zemira Israel Biography

GRAMMY Balloted, Billboard Music charting, international Apple Music charting, multi award-winning, Gospel-PBR&B Singer-Songwriter, Zemira Israel, was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti. Zemira has a righteous and just legacy to uphold. She stands on the shoulders of her ancient biblical foremothers and forefathers, including her elderly female relative, Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, who served as the president of her birth country, Haiti. Now a Texan in America, she lives with her loving lord-husband, music and mult-media artist, Bezaleel Israel, and son, Zechariah. Though depression sprung in her life from an early age due to certain circumstances and diagnosis presently hindering childbirth, the God of Israel is victorious in her life. Depression has ceased to repetitively torment her as she allows her passion and gift from God of His word, songwriting and music, to be her solace, comfort, and joy, while enjoying life with her family. 

Zemira Israel in Hebrew means “song princess of the Power”. The Jewess has been songwriting and singing for the past approximate 3 decades since 1996 at the tender age of 8 years old. She has performed internationally and nationally at a funeral, band concerts, multiple weddings as the bride walked down the aisle and for 1st dances of numerous bride and groom couples, multiple natural hair expos, and more. Zemira has shared platforms with many prominent GRAMMY winning names. The Performing Artist Zemira Israel is set to perform for the weekend of June 10, 2023 in Mesquite, Texas for The Key Is Me Foundation event. The GloballDistributed Recording Artist, Zemira Israel, has 56 published songs in her catalog to date as of January 2023. All 56 published songs were written, vocal produced-engineered, and administered by Zemira Israel except 5. Many were produced, engineered and mastered by her husband Bezaleel Israel. All her albums and songs and features, their credits, and accreditations can be found and purchased on her website and music streaming platforms. Zemira’s upcoming 3rd album is set to release in the summer of 2023. 

As an independent recording artist and influencer, Zemira’s music catalog inspired by the God of Israel, has opened doors for her to soar and scale in His name. Her successes have helped catapult her mission of bringing souls back to the Creator. Her passion for discovering her heritage and identity in God through Christ has allowed her music to be informative and advisable for God’s chosen people, of their origin, foundation, and duty unto God for immortality. Zemira has had international and national magazine and newspaper publication success. To date, Zemira Israel has won 6 music awards, and has 23 current 2023 nominations awaiting results. She has been nominated, honorably mentioned, and was a finalist 49 times for various music awards organizations to date, including a Recording Academy GRAMMY ballot entry for nomination consideration in the categories Song of The Year, and Record of The Year.

The setbacks in Zemira Israel’s life were set up by God to bring about greatness in her life. She wouldn’t be who she is today without the love and support from her amazing husband in whom she’s madly in love with, her family, and the Ztribe.  A loving wife, bonus-mom, sister, and most of all lover of The Creator, who is imperfect like all His creation but strives to be as is her Heavenly Father, is how she’d most like to be remembered. People healed, lives changed, minds renewed, families restored, and people led to Christ is her desire. To see lives changed and led to the salvation of God through Christ is what she strives for in her daily walk and work. Authenticity, transparency, honor, and labor of love is what sets Zemira Israel apart from others. Being a part of the chosen royal holy nation is what sets her apart from the world. Zemira Israel and her husband Bezaleel Israel’s influence, has afforded them the opportunity to cause repentance in the lives of many through their music and lifestyle. Their music has touched lives of both young and old. Many have strengthened their walk in God through Christ from listening to their songs and watching them on social media. Many testify to the aid that the righteous music has been to their life. The drive that keeps their fire burning bright is the change they know is happening from the Holy Spirit of God in their songs to His people. They want to hear from their Maker “Well done”.

Legendary People debut album
Zemira Israel Sophomore Double-Disc Album True Love Changes
True Love Changes double-disc sophomore album


Peace, Love & Blessings ✍🏾 🎶🎤

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