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“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” ~ King David; Psalms 133:1

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“Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”
~ Apostle Paul; Ephesians 4:3


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 What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.
~ Beloved Apostle Paul; 1 Corinthians 14:15


“H.I.T. Music” is a play on words with it’s acronym being: Hebrew, Israelite, & Truth Music. We give the music of the Gospel preeminence.


“HIT Music” is a team. It's also the BEST free group on Facebook for independent Hebrew, Israelite, Truth musicians, producers, songwriters, music artists, radio hosts, music personnel, etc. in general to get support, advice, and tips on how to survive and THRIVE in the New Music Industry!! Professionals of the music industry are welcome as well to aid these artists and even attain some of their music for their blogs, magazines, radio stations, podcasts, Spotify playlists and etc. They say 90% of someone's success is not just the information they have, but their ENVIRONMENT. So let’s cultivate a perfect environment together!

H.I.T. Music Facebook Group by Zemira Israel

We know it's become incredibly difficult to know what to do to make our Set-Apart Israelite Truth Music heard by the masses in today’s saturated music industry. So much has changed. Technology keeps changing at the speed of light. We’ve been told we need to be perfect, look a certain way, be a certain age. We’ve been told the music industry is dead. It can feel like a frustrating and lonely journey. But it doesn’t need to be that way!


You need to be around other like-minded musicians who have decided to stop whining and complaining about the challenges we face and have decided to become a HIT MUSIC MAKER. You need to be around like minded artists who know that JUST SHEER TALENT WILL NOT CUT IT. The world is full of incredible talent and potential. But here at HIT Music, we’ll have an edge: WOR ETHIC GUIDED BY THE MOST HIGH IN CHRIST.


"A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." ~ King Solomon; Proverbs 18:16


"Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men." ~ King Solomon; Proverbs 22:29


HIT Music is created by a female Israelite entrepreneur, PBR&B & Soul Hip Hop Singer-Songwriter, Recording & Performing Artist. She is Zemira Israel, a 2x Billboard Charting artist.

Zemira Israel 

This team is a place for artists and their FAMs/tribe to embrace the Israelite culture, specifically of its exceptional hit music. “FAM” is short for FAMILY. Zemira prefers “fam” over “FAN” which is short for FANATIC. We should be fanatics of CHRIST; his ministry and what he stands for, rather than be fanatics of his mere ministers. We are mere servants; ministers, who edify The holy Father's body through bringing glory to HIS name and His chosen seed in song.


By being in this group, you are becoming part of a GLOBAL MOVEMENT to take ownership of your music and your destiny. We now have all the power, tools, knowledge, and support to completely eliminate what we have been told that we need: “the middle man” (i.e. labels). And because of this, our music can become more profitable, scaleable and sustainable more than ever before.


********Please read our group guidelines before you, opt-in, complete your questionnaire, and then join/post in our Facebook group. Also Like & Follow the H.I.T. Music Facebook Business Page for tips and encouragement. We are very protective over our little growing community, so we retain the right to remove those who do not follow our Facebook Group Guidelines.********


We want this group to offer insight, advice, and encouragement to musicians navigating the new music industry. This safe environment is filled with serious and exceptional independent HIT music makers who literally make musical hits that the nation of Israel and its admirers love.


We know you'll have questions, so to help us help you, we ask that you use these searchable categories within the FB group when posting: #ASK, #WINS, #SHARE (read more about how to use these hashtags in our FB group guidelines).


We come together and aim to aid, equip, share resources, knowledge & tools to create, launch, and build a SUCCESSFUL AND SUSTAINABLE online music career for these exceptional HIT music makers in the New Music Industry.


The artist and fams are no longer separate but one.

Loyal fams still exist!

The artist is no longer dependent on a label, but their supporters, which is a plus for us, in that we do not have to deal with the wretchedness of the world’s music industry‘s ”in-club” to have a seat at their table. We build our own table.


We are dedicated and passionate about helping H.I.T. Music makers learn how to have a successful, sustainable online music career.


Zemira Israel & her husband Bezaleel Israel are the founders of www.ISRAELITEMUSIC.com where they plan to do great things that you all will know about and benefit via this exclusive H.I.T. Music community. The couple understands the real world challenges for every-day musicians because they are every-day musicians themselves with a vision to create an authority and to expand the Hebrew Israelite Truth music culture in exciting and new ways. Stay tuned for updates!


Having started her music career before the Most High caused her to bethink herself concerning her Israelite culture and heritage, Zemira Israel found herself learning much more about the music business after she had already started a family and was unable to consistently tour. That wasn't going to stop her. Instead of being discouraged and despite her family obligations and congregational responsibilities, Zemira became obsessed with learning how she could leverage the power of the internet to her advantage and "make it" in the changing music business that is growing exponentially ONLINE. All in hopes to catapult her other sustainable visions, that will help benefit her nation of peculiar people, through her music success.


Now, with a husband and a  son, and two studio albums later, Zemira has gained the honor of thousands of admiring followers and fams around the globe, in whom she calls the #ZTRIBE. 3.8k+ Facebook fams, 6.1k+ Youtube subscribers, 4.5k+  Instagram followers, approximately 1.1k+ email subscribers, raised thousands of dollars over the past few years of releasing her debut & sophomore albums & singles alone, with little to no paid promotion, and not including her residual music royalties. She has had the pleasure, fulfillment, and humbling experience of being able to help her husband's household maintain their family from their music business's income from the support of her adoring #ZTRIBE.


Zemira has been studying both the music industry, its business and online marketing for approximately 2 decades. These latter years she began to crack the code. It wasn't until she stopped using old methods and started using online marketing and treating her music like a REAL business & obtaining the mindset of an ENTREPRENEUR, & growing her team alongside her husband, that her online music career finally had scaleable success, building it with consistent organic social media awareness.


She has been faithful with the little and is ready to share with other H.I.T. music makers how to do the same and more to have a sustainable & scaleable music career.


Zemira now spends her time continuing her own music career while applying and continuously learning the ever changing real-world online marketing strategies herself, and is also pleased to help and share with other independent HIT artists to do the same, teaching the latest and best information on navigating the New ONLINE Music Recording Industry.


Zemira Israel has been doing the hard work. In 2019, she has worked tirelessly on revamping her music business strategy. Along with her revamp she built and re-launched her 2020 website to help her apply her new relations system for her and her #ZTRIBE around the world. Zemira understands that her #ZTRIBE are the bloodline of her music career, and that its best to start and end with them. Now, she is honored to share all of the knowledge she has obtained through her HOURS AND YEARS of trial and error with the exceptional H.I.T. Music makers in this exclusive group! 


In this team we will learn that our music can be heard, with the right tools, across the globe by fams who already were seeking our music. Those who continue using old methods will have the risk of being lost in the internet sea, sinking and losing faith and courage. The music era is exploding, so let's ride this wave together!


Thanks again for your joining consideration and let us continue to make our H.I.T. Music exceptional for the nation of Israel using the mammon of this world righteously & wisely.


The LEVEL-UP and graduation group is the H.I.T. Music Registered Network Facebook group! This group is for the HIT Music members who have APPLIED THE STUDIES and have DONE THEIR DUE DILIGENCE in registering their musical works properly.

H.I.T. Music Registered Network Facebook Group by Zemira Israel

If you’ve been selected to be added to this exclusive closed Facebook group after opting in and completing the questionnaire sent to your email after you do so, then jump in and introduce yourself. We welcome you! See you at the Facebook group!


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Peace & Blessings.


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