PEACE to you my fellow natural hair lover!!! I pray you and yours are well. 

Zemira Israel Natural Hair


I am Zemira Israel, a globally distributed 🎵🎶 pbRnB Singer-Songwriter, Performer and Recording Artist, and I am so encouraged by your Natural Hair Wash Day playlist on Spotify (especially being that natural hair wash day playlists are far and few on that platform...but I’m sure that will change)! ✊🏾


I’ve listed some songs of mine and other indie and mainstream artists I believe will add substance, value and thoughtfulness to that encouraging playlist of yours just for you below.

The songs DEFINITELY keep me going as a woolly hair havin sistah myself! 

Great idea Two Are better than One Zemira Israel

I am confident that at least one of the list of songs below that I’ve provided for you, would fit PERFECTLY in your encouraging natural hair Spotify playlist. 

HERE’S WHY AND HOW our collaboration makes sense and can be a WIN-WIN GROWING RELATIONSHIP from this day forward between you and I:

  • I am focused and in tune with my GROWING NICHE GENRE & SUPERFAM FOLLOWING. 
  • My fams love what I love, listen to what I listen to, share what I share, and engage in what I engage with.
  • I’ll share your playlist(s) with all of them! 
  • I’ll personally message them via my email list and FB exclusive group to encourage them to listen to the playlist. 
  • Of course I will shout you out and express my gratitude for your gracious addition to your playlist of my song(s). 
  • I am so proud of these organic numbers below because I’m working so hard, DAILY,  for these beautiful followers of mine...and I’d love to share the good news that one or more of their beloved song(s) of mine received placement by a special Spotify Playlist Curator, such as yourself! Here’s how the messages I send to my fam, via my social platforms, can grow your listener count upon adding my music to your playlist:

 ( http://www.Youtube.com/zemiramusicisrael )

I believe the excellence, passion, care, empowerment, & exhortation put into my songs listed below would be a meaningful addition to your playlist. I’ve included the Youtube song and/or music video links as well for your convenience.

If you would like to start a lasting relationship as I am working on a coherent campaign & effort for my newest 3rd digital album release that my superfams are waiting patiently on (date TBA), then I can be reached here or via my music business email: info@zemiraisrael.com.

The 2nd on the list is my latest 2020 single!
















Here’s the rest of my catalogue if you like what you hear: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6yaSIs5VWFFFG1Zu3NGnnQ?si=M07qR0W4Rqq0z0zeteIFmA

If you do not choose any of my songs, here’s some indie & mainstream songs I know would be a great touch to your Natural Hair Spotify playlist as well: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5xRotNXTwrU9d2TVWhXYWp?si=GkRjpvwYTYW9TjuE0fEv_g 


Thank you for your precious time and consideration. 


Love & Sincerity,

Zemira Israel

Zemira Israel natural hair business flyer