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Zemira Israel
12 September
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WOAH!!! You are really HERE!!!

Shalom (Peace) Music SUPERvisor!!!! I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOU ARE HERE!!!! I was literally sweating making this blog lol

So, my name is Zemira Israel. I'm a singer-songwriter recording & performing artist. My umbrella genre is R&b. But I'm more within its sub genres and pop.

My fams say I'm reminiscent of Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Mary J Blige, Gladys Knight, Angie Stone, Phyllis Hyman, Jazmine Sullivan, Jhene Aiko...etc. I personally LOVE Stevie Wonder & Anita Baker....but it's not about me right?!?!?!

I really hope YOU find the PERFECT song to help connect your projects, scenes & characters with the desired feeling/emotion. And of course hopefully grow a meaningful and lasting relationship together.

I hope this list below helps you streamline your tedious search for music for our beloved & iconic films, shows and etc. ENJOY!

*** Sub-CATEGORIES are in alphabetical order





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