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The House of brother RaimYah with his wife lovely AhshiYah, is a 14 member family who fears God and keeps His laws.

My lord Bezaleel and I have known this beautiful family for some time now and they've been supportive of our music ministry for some time now too.
The House of Raimyah are a generous family with a plethora of knowledge and experience to share. 

So with that being said....the house of RaimYah has a business called "House of RaimYah Consulting LLC" aka "HOR Consulting LLC". The wife in this business, sister AhshiYah, is a Doula, and one of HOR Consulting's services include "Doula Services"! She is a Certified Full Spectrum Doula, CFO of H.O.R.Consulting LLC. Childbirth Educator, Aspiring Midwife, Postpartum⚕️Care, Homeschooling mom, Gardener, Accepting New Clients....basically a PHENOMENAL PROVERBS 31 WOMAN!!!!....oh and my SISTAH! :)


As you may know, I haven't born a child of my own through my own womb.
I've been blessed to have a bonus child through my lord's previous marriage in which they had a son (Zechariah), but I have no child that has come from my own womb. This caused me great depression in the early years of our marriage and relationship. But 10 years down the line, Most High has worked with and through me through Christ and has and still gives me comfort and encouragement concerning this issue. I always remember and keep to heart the historical records of my foremothers who dealt with this similar issue of barrenness for a time...and their records give me hope and encourage patience in my spirit. So I keep busy for the time being...not being too hard on myself....and not taking people's judgements and negative thoughts to heart, but instead bestow upon them the same grace, patience, and kindness that my Heavenly Father gives me time and time and again. 

So if you or someone you know is dealing with barrenness, definitely book your FREE consultation TODAY.

Here's a list of HOR Consulting's services:

  1. Media & Marketing (like for example "Media Content Development Services")
    1. Book FREE Consultation for Marketing & Media Content
  2. Certified Doula Services
    1. Book FREE Consolation for Doula Services
  3. Homeschooling Coaching/Curriculum Building
  4. Event Planning - Book FREE Consultation for Event Planning Consultation
  5. Home Essentials (like Frankincense and Myrrh)

Feel free to SUBSCRIBE to their mailing list. And book your FREE consultation with HOR Consulting LLC TODAY!

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Here's HOR Consulting's social media:

  1. Follow HOR Consulting on Instagram - @horconsultingllc
  2. Follow HOR Consulting on Facebook
  3. Follow Doula AhshiYah's on Instagram - @DoulashipByAhshiyah & @Motherof8kings
  4. Subscribe to their Homeschooling Youtube channel - "Lawfully Basic Homeschooling Journey"


 Zemira Israel affiliate code for HOR Consulting LLC


Here's what's said in their About page:


House Of RaimYah Consulting...

is a full service company that provides specific consulting services. Our consultants are experienced & dedicated professionals with many years of experience.

 H.O.R Consulting is unique in that we give our clients our undivided attention case by case. 

We listen to your needs & work with you to accomplish those goals that are set.

Our clients` concerns become our commands. 

Our Services Include:
  1. Doula Services 
  2. Homeschool Coaching/Curriculum Building
  3. Event Planning
  4. Media Content Development Services


Thanks for reading my blog!

Peace, Love & Blessings.
Zemira ✍🏾 🎶🎤

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