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Introducing Zemira Israel, an Israelite-Haitian born, GRAMMY Balloted, Apple Music chartingmulti award-winning, and multi Billboard Music charting Gospel- PBR&B Singer-Songwriter. Her journey of triumph over challenges such as depression and infertility, through her music, has made her a beacon of inspiration and greatness. With a name that means "song princess of the Power" in Hebrew, Zemira has been crafting her art since the tender age of 8.

As a globally distributed recording artist, Zemira has an impressive repertoire of 61 published music works, most of which she wrote, vocal produced, engineered, and administered. Her lord-husband Bezaleel Israel is the backbone of her music. He is her multi-media artist, producer, and mix-master engineer for most of her music. Their music promotes a profound message for God's chosen people, reminding them of their heritage and duty unto God in Christ with a Hip Hop & R&B soulful sound.

Supported by her loving husband, Bezaleel Israel, and her vibrant Ztribe community, Zemira's music has touched the hearts of many, fostering confidence, repentance and strengthened faith unto the God of Heaven & Earth. 

Her newest multi-single EP: "Motivation (Deluxe)" is an electrifying experience, setting the stage for her 3rd album's grand release in the Spring of 2024, self-debut-single-entitled "Motivation", just in time for the biblical Passover season!

Bezaleel Israel and Zemira Israel of Bezzemi Records LLC

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