Josie Music Awards

Zemira Israel is an official 2023 Josie Music Awards 4x nominee

Zemira Israel is an official 2023 Josie Music Awards 4x nominee! HALLELUYAH!

Zemira Israel's Nomination Categories:

  1. World Artist of the Year (Haitian-Creole)
  2. Gospel Christian Inspirational Artist of the Year 
  3. Female Multi Genre Vocalist of the Year 
  4. Social Impact Video of the Year - "Sistar" 

 Click to see Zemira Israel on the Josie Music Awards red carpet!

Zemira Israel on the Josie Music Awards red carpet

Category Cateria:

This category is awarded to an individual based on their vocal ability. Deciding panel will judge vocal technique on tone quality, intonation, diction, breath support, pitch, and articulation. Since judging is just on vocal abilities you will not need to have an original song released to qualify for this category.

This category will be awarded to an artist that excels in multiple language recordings. 

Social Impact Video of the Year
This category is awarded to the music artist.  Any original video with original words and music is eligible based upon the release date is within the eligibility period.  This must be a fully released video available for viewing by the public.  This video will be judged by the JMA deciding panel on originality, video relates to song meaning, social impact capability, and video recording quality.  No time limit of the video in this category.

Under 18 Years - Required to have a minimum of 2 original songs released to qualify in this category.
Adult Category criteria require nominees to have a minimum of two EPs or one Album released.
Artists that have been through a major music competition, have directly opened or toured with major acts, or have already won a Josie Music Award in prior years are also eligible for this category. The Panel’s final judgment may override all other requirements for this category.
The category will be awarded to an individual based on their individual growth and music performance for a single, EP, or album as well as their overall contribution to the independent music industry. Professionalism and music business acumen will also be considered. Adult category submissions must also have a strong social media presence.

The Josie Music Awards will be held at the Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday, October 22, 2023



9th Annual Josie Music Awards Timeline:

  1. Red Carpet 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  2. Doors Open: 5:15 PM
  3. Award Ceremony: 7:00 PM

Zemira Israel Josie Music Awards

About Josie Music Awards

The Award for Independent Music.

Professional review by an all-pro-panel of judges that boast resumes which include Grammy’s, CMAs, Legendary Clients, and more.

The JMA award winners are reviewed and selected by an all-pro-panel of experts in the music field such as Grammy Winners, CMA Writers, Record Labels, Promotion Professionals with legendary clients, award-winning media, producers for music television shows, award winning producers, radio personalities, and more.

The mission of the Josie Music Awards is to honor, recognize and reward excellence, outstanding talents, and remain focused on the creativity across the independent music industry.  Every submission is carefully reviewed for consideration by an all-pro-panel of judges since 2015. We acknowledge all music genres, and each are celebrated through one winner in each genre in many of the categories.

The Josie Music Awards Nomination Announcements will take place in Tennessee.

  • The Josie Music Awards is the largest music award show in the independent music industry, which brings in thousands from around the globe yearly to celebrate as a privately owned, licensed company without attaching the event to other events in the music industry. The Josie Music Awards is the ultimate recognition for talents in the independent music industry and remains laser focused on the music aspect of the entertainment world.
  • ​The Josie Music Awards is where  top talents from around the globe gather for a weekend filled with excitement, networking, fashion, and more in the celebration of excellence within the independent music industry.​
  •  The Josie Music Awards brings together the biggest and best talents from many genres around the globe to celebrate and support all the hard work and creativity within the independent music industry. This event since its inception in 2015 is known for its grand, fashionable red-carpet, memorable award presentations, spectacular live performances, legendary recognitions, special presentations, and the positive, supportive atmosphere.
  •   What has always set The Josie Music Awards apart is the level of prestige and recognition that comes with being nominated or winning this coveted award. A nomination or win at the Josie Music Awards (JMAs) is a crowning achievement of excellence within the talent’s respective field or genre.  ​

 The Josie Music Awards is the leading music event within the independent music industry recognizing and celebrating excellence globally.  The JMAs honor exceptional talent, hard work, growth, and outstanding bodies of work, and contributions to those who inspire us, encourage us, and shape the culture of the global independent music industry.
The JMA weekend events are filled will amazing performances, unforgettable acceptance speeches, crucial networking that leads to the greatest collaborations, and unique red-carpet experiences.




Thank you to those who submitted a JMA Fan's Choice form. We did not make it but we did become official JMA 2023 nominees!

 Zemira Israel Josie Music Awards

All praises to the Highest! Zemira Israel has another chance to be recognized by a another prestigious awards organization. THIS IS NOT VOTING - you only need to submit once.

This  is JUST a suggestion made by you for your independent music favorite (Zemira Israel) to get reviewed for the JMA Fan's Choice Award. Submitting this form does not guarantee Zemira a nomination. PLEASE NOTE that the JMA Fan's Choice is based on the quality of your answer and NOT on quantity. Please only make one suggestion on the form. 

​Deadline = Sunday, April 30, 2023. 

SUBMIT ONE TIME HERE 👉🏾 (OR so you can remember it) You can submit for both me and my lord Bezaleel Israel. Just refresh the page after you submit one for me to submit again for my lord.

Zemira Israel Josie Music Awards


STEP 1 - Click submission link 👉🏾 

STEP 2 - Enter your name (name of person making the suggestion) 

STEP 3- Enter who you are suggesting for the Fan's Choice Award? 👉🏾 Zemira Israel

STEP 4 - Enter Zemira Israel's website 👉🏾

STEP 5 - Enter why you feel Zemira Israel would be the Fan's Choice. REMEMBER this submission is based on the quality of your answer and NOT on the quantity of submissions.

STEP 6 - Choose one of the options as to how do you know Zemira Israel?


STEP 8 - REFRESH THE PAGE and submit for my lord Bezaleel Israel too! 


We are in current consideration for these JMA awards that ONLY the JMA PANEL VOTES FOR THE WINNERS (Ztribe💎 is off the hook for these 😜):

  1. Artist of the Year
  2. Duo/ Group of the Year
  3. Vocalist of the Year
  4. Entertainer of the Year
  5. Song of The Year
  6. We are working to get the album finalized to submit it for their EP/Album of the Year category as well!!
  7. Best Performance In A Music Video
  8. Songwriter of the Year
  9. World Music Artist ​of the Year


Official nominees announced May 4, 2023! 

SUBMIT JMA here 👉🏾 Submit for both me and my lord Bezaleel Israel. Just refresh the page after you submit one for me to submit again for my lord 😉

My lord and I hope to be in Nashville October 22nd 2023 for The Josie Music Awards being held again at the Grand Ole Opry House if we do indeed get nominated. Tickets are ON sale now if you'd like to attend...but not sure if we're going to be there yet if we're not nominated...I'll keep you posted on that!!!



Peace, Love & Blessings,
Zemira ✍🏾 🎶🎤

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