Cover'd Girlz

The new Zemira Israel single, "COVER'D GIRLZ", is a beautiful collaboration with Cover'd Girlz Magazine. This R&B inspired bible based song is to encourage the daughters of Zion.

Sponsored by Cover'd Girlz Magazine 


Release = 12am Friday, October 14, 2022

Zemira Israel Cover'd Girlz
Cover Art by Bezaleel Israel
Release Date - 12am Friday, October 14, 2022
Produced by Bezaleel Israel, Zemira Israel
Instrumentalist, and Mix & Master Engineer, Arranger - Bezaleel Israel
Lyricist, Performer, Vocal Engineer, Arranger - Zemira Israel




Cover'd Girlz WON the World Songwriting Awards!

Zemira Israel's Cover'd Girlz song WON the World Songwriting Awards

Zemira Israel World Songwriting Awards winner


✨ Artist - Zemira Israel
✨ Instrumental 🎼 - Bezaleel Israel
✨ Producers & Arrangers - Bezaleel Israel, Zemira Israel
✨ Lyrics ✍🏾 - Zemira Israel
✨ Mixed by 🎛🎚Bezaleel Israel
✨ Vocal Engineer by 🎙🎛🎚Zemira Israel
✨ Mastered 🎛🎚Bezaleel Israel
✨ Record Label - Bezzemi Records
✨ Publishers - House of Israel Music Group,
✨ Song Cover Art 🎨 - Bezaleel Israel
✨ © Copyright 2022

✨ Sponsored by Cover'd Girlz Magazine

Cover'd Girlz magazine

 Thank you for the full page coverage on your magazine Cover'd Girlz Magazine!

Zemira Israel full page coverage on Cover'd Girlz Magazine

"Sister Zemira is a Phenomenal artist. Very Diligent, Precise and
Passionate about what she does. She has such an angelic voice and the
humble spirit to match. Very professional and stayed true to our
agreement terms. Her talent and drive are admirable. It has truly been a
blessing and a privilege to collaborate. Keep up the amazing work for the
Kingdom Beloved." ~ Sis Shanelle; CEO of Cover’d Girlz Magazine -


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 Zemira Israel Cover'd Girlz song preorder

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  Zemira Israel Cover'd Girlz Sales

Current count and goal tracker is on the preorder page.

Thank you so much for your support and being part of the mission and journey thus far! You're the real MVPs 🏆


Let's let our uplift the daughters of Jerusalem in an elegant way!

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Story time...

Sister Shanelle, the CEO of Cover’d Girlz magazine, Instagram DM’d me one day inquiring on whether I would make a theme song for her fabulous magazine! Of course I said “YES!” I thought that was so cool of her to ask me for such a thing that was definitely in my power and will to do.

Shanelle of Cover'd Girlz Magazine CEO

Of course I was nervous when I first started writing to it lol, but it was the good kind of nervous. I hoped she would love the final product, and she did! I did my best to follow her vision and ideas, which helped me have a creative template as to which direction to take the song. I pray you see it as an elegant and sophisticated piece of work and collaboration. 

Shanelle even requested that I spell the song title like she spells her magazine name. Super cool honor and trust she bestowed upon me. My dream profession was to be a songwriter since 8 years old! So this whole special brand collaboration is something I relish in! Shanelle has been super easy to work with. I love her and everything she’s doing for the nation of Israel!

Zemira Israel Cover'd Girlz song

I first went through some of the beautiful tracks my lord had for me for my upcoming Junior (3rd) album (I’ll keep you posted on the details soon enough). Then I found the perfect track. This instrumental of his is a beautiful soultry R&B vibe. So I sat at my desk, dragged it into my Logic daw, and started writing & recording the rough version to the track. I used key scriptures about women in the Bible and of them wearing head covering/wraps and about the beauty and importance of it. I truly enjoyed writing this song. So glad I did! And so glad sis Shanelle called on me to do so. Blessing to my soul. It’s a great honor that she thought of me to do so. 

It’s been a blessing going back and forth with her sharing ideas. She had the very 1st listen of the rough version of the song. Good times! So exciting and proud to team up with her and her fruitful business. DEFINITELY buy all of her magazine issues! I plan to rack them all up myself. I’ve already gotten one of her magazine issues that I bought shipped to me and I’m so happy to hold it in my hands, and read all the fabulous endeavors my fellow sisters of Israel are doing. Fills me up this tangible invaluable piece of work. She even featured me on a couple pages unbeknownst to me, and I was delightfully surprised. 

Cover'd Girlz magazine 4th edition

Sisterhood is truly a blessing in of itself. I thank the Most High God of Israel for it all! 🙌🏾🕎✨ 


🧕🏾 Cover'd Girlz | 4 Calls to Action 🧕🏾  

Zemira Israel Cover'd Girlz song's 4 calls to action

  1. Preorder "Cover'd Girlz" song! ONLY one copy per email to count towards Billboard Music Charts #1 spot!
  2. Nominate Cover'd Girlz Magazine for "Best Magazine Publication of the Year" for the 2023 SCM Awards. And nominate Bezaleel Israel & Zemira Israel for all categories applicable for the 2023 SCM Awards like these  listed HERE
  3. Preorder Cover'd Girlz Magazine's 4th and final Issue of the year 2022!
  4. Do the "Cover'd Girlz Slow-Mo-Modesty Challenge" (info below)


🧕🏾 Cover’d Girlz Slow-Mo-Modesty Challenge” 🧕🏾 

Zemira Israel Cover'd Girlz song slow mo modesty challenge

CHALLENGE DEADLINE = Sunday, 10/16/2022

Here’s the hashtag and emojis: #ZemiraIsraelCoverdGirlz🧕🏾🌹✨


✨🧕🏾 🌹 Challenge entry consideration RULES & DETAILS 🌹🧕🏾✨:

  • Whoever shares the best ONE-MINUTE SLOW MOTION recording of themselves (can be shorter) showcasing their modesty, that the Most High ordained for the daughters of Zion, WITH the song "Cover'd Girlz" 🧕🏾 in the background, gets to be either be featured on Zemira Israel's platforms and/or the Cover'd Girlz Magazine platforms
  • MUST hashtag#CoverdGirlzSlowMoModesty when uploading to social media. You can email it to info@zemiraisrael.con with the subject “challenge” if you so chose.
  • MUST tag both Zemira Israel and Cover'd Girlz Magazine in the post (feel free to give Zemira a heads up if you are making her a post collaborator for Instagram)
  • Can be a group of females or solo female.
  • Female adults AND youth may participate!
  • MUST NOT BE recorded in slow motion more than 15 seconds. (Slow motion recordings triple in time for playback so make sure the final video does not exceed 1 minute. Thank you.)
  • RECORDING IDEAS TO HELP = You can walk towards the camera dressed in modesty from head to toe with or without your headwrap on. You can do different clips of you adding and putting your outfit pieces together. Sky’s the limit! Video ideas below. You can show the modesty Most High ordained for you however you’d like, whether it’s a full body shot of your entire outfit or just a mid shot showcasing your head coverings. It’s up to you. And you don’t have to do it in tutorial form like the videos below, it could just be video angles of the beauty of modesty that you’re showcasing. Makes sense sis? 👀 
  • DEADLINE = 12am Sunday, 10/16/2022
  • You can choose one of Zemira Israel's song promo video snippets' to use for audio. All snippets will be uploaded to her Youtube Channel for your background music for your video. Or you can save her reel audios via Instagram.



Peace, Love & Blessings,
Zemira 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤

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