Bezaleel Israel

Bezaleel Israel

Wow...I've been working on completing me and my lord-husband Bezaleel Israel's music resumes (EPKs) and I created a Spotify playlist of all the music producing, engineering and multimedia artwork my lord has done (I'm sure I missed a few...), and Im just amazed and so proud of him.

Here's a short bio of his...

Bezaleel Israel, of Puerto Rican descent, born and raised in the Bronx, New York, is a Multi-Media Artist Director, 2x Billboard Music Charting Israelite Producer & Engineer. He is the Husband, Producer, Engineer and Multi-Media Artist Director of  multi award winning singer-songwriter, Zemira Israel, and father to his son, Zechariah.

Many of his musical works have won awards and have been nominated for awards. His work on the song "Sistar" by his wife Zemira Israel featuring multi award winning artist La La Musiq was on the Recording Academy 2022 ballot for nomination consideration in the categories Song of the Year and Record of the Year. "Motivation" by Zemira Israel and produced by Bezaleel Israel also landed on the 2023 GRAMMY ballot.

Bezaleel has worked with creatives such as Ye's (Kanye West) Grammy Winning Music Engineer: Nagaris Johnson, 12x Grammy Nominated Busta Rhymes as his clothing brand designer and apprentice, and Grammy Winning Songwriter David Pic Conley of Surface on his Holy Sounds of Surface album cover & album notes, only to name a few.

Using the 3 decades of an artistic lifestyle, skills, and experience, Mr. Israel has obtained the pleasures of servicing fellow artists and the general public through his art. He aims to please God through all his works and deeds.

He has been nominated and/or won these awards or works has won/nominated for an award for these organizations:

  1. 2022 GRAMMY - "Sistar" work ballated
  2. WSA (World Songwriting Awards) - work "Cover'd Girlz" won an award
  3. X-Poze-ing Music Awards  - work "Israel" won an award
  4. GCMA (Gospel Choice Music Awards - Producer of the Year 2023 nominee & works nominated an awards
  5. HMA (Homegrown Music Awards) - works nominated
  6. RMA (Rampage Music Awards) - works nominated
  8. ROGA (Rhythm of Gospel Awards) - works nominated
  9. VOGMA (Voices of Gospel Music Awards) - works nominated
  10. KIA (Kingdom Image Awards) 2x nominee - Producer of the Year & Instrumentalist of the Year 2023 2x nominee & works nominated
  11. ISSA (International Singer Songwriters Association) 2x nominee - Producer of the Year & Sound Engineer of the Year 2023 nominee & works nominated

He is a member and registrant of:

  1. The US Copyright Office
  2. ASCAP Publishers
  3. ASCAP Writers
  4. SoundExchange
  5. Songtrust
  6. ISSA (International Singer Songwriters Association)

Follow Bezaleel Israel on social media: 

Youtube - @BezaleelIsrael 
Spotify - Bezaleel Israel
Facebook - @Bezaleel Israel
Instagram - @bezaleelbenisrael
Tik Tok - @bezisrael
Twitter - @Bezaleel_Israel

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Back to my 2 cents lol

My husband really lives up to the meaning of his Hebrew name: "In the Shadow of God"! What an honor it has been thus far to work alongside him in our musical journey. If it wasn't for him, my music journey wouldn't be complete.

HALLELUYAH for the Most High showin' off in pairing us together. He is a good God of Israel.

With that being said....Keep doing what the Most High gifted you to do beloveds Ztribe💎..... #StayEncouraged

Bezaleel Israel

Peace, Love & Blessings.

Zemira ✍🏾 🎶🎙🎤

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