Street Team Questionnaire

Street Team Questionnaire

Let's get to know each other STREET TEAM!

Fill in your info to stay posted and updated on events that pertain specifically to you as a Street Team FAM. Add your cell # if you want me to TEXT you instead when I'm in your area or etc! LEAVE BLANK if not applicable, unless it's a Required answer.



Thank you so much. I know that was a bit much...but you know I can be extra at times.

So hopefully after I asses your info, we can together build something hopefully memorable & exciting, and most of all edifying for our people soon come.

Don't forget to join the PRIVATE FB group if you haven't already. The link to the group is in the email you received this questionnaire link.

Shalom beloved.
Z πŸ•ŽβœπŸΎπŸŽΆπŸŽ€

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