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      TUESDAY NIGHT; June 9, 2020:

      WEDNESDAY NIGHT; June 10, 2020:

      So due to me sending this to you last minute, the results are sad thus far lol but we will do better for the next single that I'm cleaning up to get professionally mixed and mastered very soon! I'll put tonight's progress tomorrow.


      So due to me sending this to you so last minute initially, the results are sad by far lol BUT we will do better for the next single coming out very soon! I'll keep you posted as to when we can do Mission-Possible #1 again for the next single 😉


        Shalom beautiful #ZTRIBE member 💎 

        on a mission

        • Mission 
          1. 50k streams for "Strange Fruit" by Zemira Israel to land on the Billboard Charts
        1. Needed for Effectiveness
          1. Billboard only accepts the 1st week of streaming for the song/album to be eligible to initially land on the Billboard charts. I know I'm informing you a bit late in the week, but this is going to be our warm up for when we do this again for my next ORIGINAL single. 
          2. We need at least 50,000 streams in the first week to enter the Billboard Charts. The more streams we get (50,000 or more), the higher "Strange Fruit" will chart (Let's shoot for #1!) And the more we continually stream after the 1st week, the longer we will STAY on the charts and climb the ranks.
        • Benefits & Accomplishments
          1. Billboard charting is a privilege, in this world we live in, and is a stamp towards hardworking creatives such as myself, and the members of their tribe (YOU! 😊). With our collaborative hard work and execution, we will help move our special music genre of truth in the front of many ears and eyes through my music content. Mainstream credibility, visibility, and exposure towards Truth music via my music and brand is the ultimate goal for this mission, so the message can be heard and some will receive. 
          2. You will help the music industry, inadvertently, add a righteous vessel (myself) that will help open the doors for other like-minded truth music vessels. Which will create and provide more business opportunities for those wanting to be in the music industry to help make a righteous difference. Every little bit counts towards the Kingdom to come.
        jayz i can do anything
          • Execution
              1. Share this link everyday or at least 2-3 times per week until Thursday night 👉🏾 bit.ly/strangefruitzemiraisrael (Last Thursday was the "Strange Fruit" release day). This link will have the song on Spotify as the 1st thing they see so they can stream the song on Spotify. There will also be a link on there for other streaming platforms like Youtube, if they don't use Spotify. 
              2. SHARE the link on at least one if not all your social platforms with the Hashtag #ZTRIBEStrangeFruit to encourage others to LISTEN/STREAM the song as well this week to help us reach 50k streams for the week.
                1. Social media engagement with the song title and my artist name circulating ALSO ADDS to the Billboard credits to chart.
                  1. Speaking of that, I've recorded my next ORIGINAL single! I'm cleaning it up to send it to my Mix Engineer, the great Gene Lake, very soon! We will have a whole 6-week head start to promote the next single and pre-save the single on Spotify, because the pre-saves and social engagement about the single also counts towards Billboard charting. So we will be VERY prepared for my next original single. Strange Fruit will have our feet wet for now! 😁 😉
            imagine what we can do together rihanna
              1. To boost the number of plays on Spotify (or other streaming platforms like iTunes, etc.) which will help us chart on the Billboard, make sure your phone is fully charged before going to sleep.
              2. Plug in your earphones and put it at at the lowest volume. DO NOT put it on mute, just low volume. Muted music will not count. 
              3. Go to Spotify (or your favorite Streaming Platform, but preferably Spotify)
              4. Create a  Spotify playlist
                1. (You can call it whatever you'd like, for example: "Meditative Vibes 🙌🏾 ✨ ", "Strange Fruit 🍉", "#ZTRIBE Strange Fruit 🍉" ...etc oh and add an emoji next to it, that helps a lot! It doesn't have to be a watermelon ...I just happen to like watermelon 😉)
              5. Add my song cover "Strange Fruit" to your playlist you created (feel free to add other songs, but for the 1st week we will have Strange Fruit on repeat).
              6. OF COURSE YOU CAN CONTINUE to stream during your work hours. You can do the same just keep your phone in your bag while it streams as you work. I know some jobs don't allow phones to be out. And of course you can continue to stream after Thursday night....that will only keep us on the charts longer and even climb the ranks 😉
              7. I did the calculations for 1 person who streams my song for 1 night:
                1. 50,000 streams = 500 song downloads
                  1. We need 500 "downloads" for strange fruit. But I'm not selling it on my site, so the streams is what I'm shooting for. But HEY if you want to download it on Spotify, or iTunes, feel free! That would only help more! We can do the download thing for my next original single.
                2. Let's say you sleep for 6 hours per night. There are 60 minutes in an hour. so 60x6= 360 minutes. My song is about less than 4 minutes. So let's say 360minutes (per night) divided by 4min (per song stream) = 90. That means every night you can stream "Strange Fruit" 90 times!!!!
                3. So 90 streams per night times the 3 nights we have left = 270 streams. That's not even including the streams you may add from just letting it play during your day at work etc,
                4. If everyone on my mailing list that I send this email to does this....we can SURELY reach 50k! I BELIEVE IT! 😊🙌🏾
            let's be amazing together rick ross.
            1. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION in our mind so let's RECAP
              1. Stream the song all night (and during the day if you can).
              2. Share the link and hashtag your post with #Ztribestrangefruit (so I can reshape your post) so others can stream it too 👉🏾 bit.ly/strangefruitzemiraisrael
              3. If you follow the steps above, we will DEFINITELY increase our chances on charting the Billboards.

            WE CAN DO THIS!!!

            committed dedicated attack it spike lee

            Email me if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

            I'll email you daily this week to keep you notified on the streams we've been making via my Spotify artist dashboard with screenshots or etc.

            If you are streaming somewhere other than Spotify, let me know so I can check those streams as well.

            I hope to hear from you over at our ZTRIBE FB group.


            Don't use Spotify? Stream the song other places here


            Peace, Love & Blessings,
            Zemira 🕎 ✍🏾 🎶🎤

            Thanks for sharing & commenting on this blog! 

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