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Shalom fam!

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Here you can opt-in for consideration and screening to be added to my PRIVATE Street Team & exclusive Facebook group.

zemira israel private street team facebook group

Ever been a part of an artist's street team before? Neither have I but I've been an artist for about 2 decades now and a part of a trio singing group throughout my high school and college years, and we did some hustle and bustle ourselves pre internet-rave. I'd have to say it's much more easier to be a street team member now of days with the ease of the internet and all.

Zemira Israel old singing trio Bliss

So I have this PRIVATE street team I created with the aid of my lord husband Bezaleel, who is really my one solid member who does a lot of my multimedia and music. He's AMAZING!

This team will help me TREMENDOUSLY on focusing on creating MORE music, rather than all the technical business matters that (though just as important) take away time to create new music. I am not just a singer-songwriter, I am a business woman who needs LOTS of help due to being pulled in so many directions within the music business, and I know I need a team to bring this music business into FULL fruition. 

Zemira Israel street team private facebook group

If you want to join our incredible Street Team you must already be subscribed to my emails, and you must have a personal and/or business Facebook account for screening purposes. I'm not calling you crazy or anything lol... just being cautious in this crazy world we live in for both myself and the members within the group.

Your first email after 
1. subscribing to my mailing list (be sure to confirm it in your email) if you are not already, and
2. opting in to the Zemira Israel's Private Street Team,
will consist of a link to click and submit a questionnaire for screening purposes to see if you will be a suitable and safe fit for the Street Team.  

zemira israel street team private facebook group

ABOUT the Zemira Israel Street Team & its mission:

This is a PRIVATE team and a closed Facebook group for the “Zemira Israel Street Team” members who are her SUPER FAMs (FAM = FAMILY. Instead of "FAN" with an "n" at the end, which is short for FANATICS, I'd rather you be a fanatic of Christ & The Father above me). 

This exclusive team will help alleviate the day to day tasks in promoting the music, leaving more time for me to do what I love; songwriting.

This team is willing to promote my content, at their earliest convenience, given that Zemira (or whoever will be in charge of providing the promotional tools) will share the promotions at a reasonable and ample time. This is so that my Hebrew/Israelite Truth music can be spread to the 4 corners of the world for edification and enlightenment's sake.

I hope to align myself and my gifts with the members’ special God given gifts and passions that fit jointly together with my vision that I am passionate about through the gifts of songwriting & singing that the Father has given me. 

I hope to expand and cultivate the perfect team for my Music & Lifestyle brand. This team will grow with purpose & fulfillment. I'm open to feedback and creative insight. The 1st two purposes and EXCITING focal points will be expressed in my welcome letter if you gain entry into the Street Team. Depending on how fast and efficient we all pull together, the dates for these purposes will be announced soon to first the Street Team, then the public. 


****A typical Street Team Member looks like, and is not limited to:
1. A brother or sister of faith in Christ, the son of the Living God, who is EXCITED to talk about and share my music and lifestyle brand, and are GENUINELY invested in seeing me win in my music career and representing my music & lifestyle brand to the utmost honor and dignity.
2. Someone who has the time to acquire an extra curricular activity and are willing to learn new skill(s) that they did not even know they were good at, with new tools, resources, and people I am able to partner you with to help the team succeed.
3. Someone with skills they want to put to use to be empowered to create edifying change in the Israelite community.
4. Someone who knows that without them, there is no me, because you are an incredible asset to the team.
5. Life happens, and people's priorities shift, so someone who knows when to quit the team is essential to the team as well. Of course there will be no hard feelings, and only love your way if and when you do decide to leave the team.


Here are 2 things that will be explained in the welcome link that will be sent out to those that gain entry to the Street Team & private FB group:

****Willful tasks and services required from team members include, and not limited to...

****Perks for working with me and as hard as I do in the team include and are not limited to...


Are you wondering if you are a suitable fit for this super fam? Here’s how you can tell. If you answer yes to 3 of these questions, you are a super fam:

-Do you listen to Zemira’s music daily? 🎧

-Are you subscribed to Zemira’s website mailing list?

-Are you interested in being a member of Zemira’s PRIVATE Street Team?

-Do you share almost every social media posts of Zemira's and/or make posts about how much you enjoy her music?

-Do you have both Zemira’s hardcopy albums? 📀💿

-Do you buy merchandise from her website?

-Do you buy Zemira’s music for family/friends, coworkers or strangers?

-Are you anticipating her next new musical project or live performance?


If you said yes to at least three of those questions, then you are probably my super-fam! 🙌🏾😊 All praises to the Highest! And I thank you! No shame here! As long as I don't become your idol; above the The Most High, we’re all cool 😎 And you should definitely Opt-in for consideration to be added to the Street Team.


What am I praying for, but not limited to...?


***FACEBOOK Street Team group Admins 🤓

***FACEBOOK Street Team group Moderators 👮‍♀️

***Biography Writer / Press Kit Writer 


-Classic Rnb/Hip-Hop/Neo Soul Pianist 🎹
-Drummer 🥁
-Guitarist (Acoustic and/or Electric) 🎸


***Background Singers 🎶

***Dancers 💃🏽 🕺🏽


***Engineers 🎚

***Music Mastering

***Producers (PBR&B, Classic Soul R&B, Hip-Hop R&B, Neo Soul) 🎼

***Songwriters 📓✍🏾📝


***Vocal Trainer 🎤

***Fitness Trainer 💪🏾


***Social Media Marketers (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify)


***Website Bloggers 💻


***Vlogger 📹 / Camera man or woman


***Photoshop, Canva, Envatto Manager (to create high quality images)

***Video Clip Editor/Maker (for instagram/FB/Youtube)

***Photographer 📸


***General Tour Managers  

***Tour Sound Manager 🔊

***Lighting Manager

***Tour Vendors

***Tour Cooks 🌮

***Tour Baker 🍩

***Tour Bartender 🍹


***Makeup Artist 💄

***Natural/Woolly Hairstylist

***Wardrobe Artist 


***Music Video Screenwriters 🎬

***Music Video Editors 🖥


***Sync Licensing Manager (Movies/Films, TV Shows/Series, Commercials) 🎬




I practically do all of these tasks already with my lord Bezaleel, but it will be much easier to delegate the tasks so that we are not spread thin.  


Alright that's really it in a nutshell! Thank you for considering to join the "Zemira Israel Street Team" (The team will help me think of a shorter name for it soon lol)!


Sidebar....If you’re an artist, join my H.I.T. Music (Hebrew.Israelite.Truth Music)” Team. There's also an exclusive Facebook group for it too that you also must be screened before entry. HIT Music is for vital online music business & marketing tips that I share from my ongoing music business experience, trails and errors. If you are a serious artist and are interested in gaining more music business knowledge, opt-in for consideration to be in the H.I.T. Music team! Follow its public Instagram Page and Facebook Business Page for instant tips!



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Here's a good quote below by King Solomon...
Ecclesiastes 4:9

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.
10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.
11 Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?
12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.


Love, Peace & Blessings,

Zemira 🕎 👑✍🏾 🎶🎤


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